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Tank Stumper 12/8/08


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My two guesses

A. Enjoy it now because this is the last time you will see good play from us in like 60 years?


B. Vicious and Delicious

My god, why isnt there a running tandem named Vicious and Delicious?

"I'm a grown ass man, dog. I can't call another dude delicious, What if he's way down the street? Hey, Delicious! Yo...D!"

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The Dream Backfield?
"The Million-Dollar Backfield"

You are actually both right, they were called both names.

December Tally






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It's a shame this thread's going to be closed now. I really wanted to see if anyone knew what the hell I was talking about with that "delicious" post. Oh well.

Haha, I am a Cedric the Entertainer fan, too.

I know exactly how many "Kings of Comedy" there are. :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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