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Mrtitan-ic Challenge


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I dunno if this has been done before so if it has just lock up the thread and throw away the key, but...

I wanna see your favorite NFL team, or any NFL team, in a TATC uni set tweak the logos, the colors, the unis make em look like it is 2055 or something. Have Fun!

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I can't do my favorite team (seeing as it's the Cowboys, and that'd be unfair because they'll never change). :D

that's where you're wrong. CRISWELL PREDICTS that in the future, the Cowboys will actually pick ONE SHADE OF BLUE to use on their uniforms...

Welcome to DrunjFlix

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I dont like the Steelers concept especially the stylized diamonds. The way they have it is fine its the offical symbol of US steel adding it is sorrta messing up the real lgo and I dont think they could or shoudl d it since they are using by special permission.



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