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Minnesota High School Hockey


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(Canadians, forgive me, I know this is not a novelty at all in Canada. Heck, it's certainly not here, except that I didn't grow up here, so I'm still learning.)

I went to my first Minnesota State High School Hockey Touranment games last night at the Xcel. Pretty good hockey, fun to watch. And it solidified what I should have already known: high school hockey here, especially for the out-state schools, is akin to a cult.

There's a pretty cool article in the Minneapolis StarTribune today about the tournament, and how into it people are here.

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This past weekend I went to the finals of the Ohio high school state hockey tournament, and this St. Edward's team won 8-0 over this other team and I thought if they played in the North they would not even make the playoffs.

I imagine that high school hockey there is like high school football here in Dublin Ohio where everyone in the entire town shows up because it's just what you do. Here come fall you wouldn't even think of doing anything else on Friday nights and I think that is how it must be with hockey up there.



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