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Naba's Arctic Menace, Prelim - Alt Jersey


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Actually, I'd like to hear opinions on what has become my first attempt at a uni. I know, I know...no logo, and no home or away unis? So, I'm a bit backwards. I just felt the need to get something down, and this is what came out.

Please be nice in the criticism, because i figure, with it being my first attempt, there should be a bunch.


Copy and Paste - Bronze-ish Highlights

Copy and Paste - Silver-ish Highlights

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That's a good start--I too prefer the silver highlights--and as with all the other NABA teams--the silver highlights would look best losing to the Towers! :D

Seriously--Good first effort for this concept-the Towers were my first attempt of this sort, and the more experienced people around here were very helpful.

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Hmmm...and, oddly enough, this was the same color combo (basically, anyway, not exact shades) that I was gonna use for the Whitefish...Bastard!

Looks good though...it would look better on Coney Island, but it looks good :mad:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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