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Creamersports.com Problems


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I wanted to make one large announcement, rather than a bunch of announcements in the different fantasy forums.

Until further notice, the server for creamersports.com is down. I'm in the process of reinstalling the box. It will hopefully be up at some point tomorrow; it will definitely be up by the end of the week.

Also, the IP address will be changing on Thursday, which may cause some downtime independent of the current downtime.

Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks, Sy.

Ok, I believe all the sites are in place again.

If you have a site on my server and wish to access it, please contact me. For starters, the passwords have all changed, due to the old system having been compromised. All the new passwords are randomized nonsense passwords--complain about this, and I will go BOFH on you. :P

Also, FTP is not even installed and running on the server. FTP is one of the biggest security risks on the server, and my new-found extra paranoia has led me to not even install it. You can still copy files to the server via SCP (Secure CoPy). WinSCP is a good client, I have the file and can make it available for download. I haven't gone searching for a Mac client yet (hi StL!), but I'll look.

Thank you for your patience during this. The machine isn't quite completely back up to where I want it, but I'm getting it there slowly but surely.

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IP has changed, DNS is still propogating. It may be up to eight hours before the DNS server your ISP is using loses the old IP address out of its cache and grabs the new address.

You can download SCP clients to use for uploading files to the server. (I haven't tested Fugu, the Mac client, since I don't have a Mac. WinSCP is a fine program.) Of course, if you haven't talked to me about your new password, which none of you have yet ;), then you still won't be able to upload files.

Oh, in the process of updating DNS, I deleted the old *.pucknet.com host names, so those will no longer work--you will need to use the *.creamersports.com addresses if you have been using the old addresses.

Thank you again for your patience.

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Take a day away from the board, and see what happens! ^_^

It's all good. If the respective webmasters haven't yet gotten ahold of me, that's their problem. *heh*

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