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Six (!) Cubs concepts, one blog post


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So a Cubs blog I check in on occasionally (if there's a CFBM on there it's not me) has gone uni-crazy in the days leading up to spring training.

Cubs concepts for the future (6 of 'em): Honestly, I think only the most traditional, sleeveless one could work. But that's just me. He uses the Okkonen template.

The designer's favorite jerseys: He's definitely a '70s/'80s guy.

Rating all of the NL unis: Different blogger, same blog. Not particularly deep analysis.

Glad pitchers and catchers are reporting today.

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They're not your work, so I'm not breaking C&C guidelines here by saying that all six of those concepts are terrible. No to Helvetica Black scripts.

The '84 Cubs road uniform is really cool, though, and they should be wearing a button-down version of that in honor of the good '80s teams and the superstation-fueled popularity explosion the Cubs experienced with those. Most of the other stuff he likes is terrible.

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The only one that looked good was the 4th concept. The first 3 looked like Aaron-era Braves uniforms, and the last 3 looked like softball uniforms. But I guess it makes sense, considering that the same guy spent a blog post fawning over his love over 70s & 80s baseball uniforms. So if that's what he was going for, then he hit it spot on.

And yeah, I really do think that the Cubs might as well go to their current blue alternate as a road uniform. It's better than their current road uniform anyways, and if they wear it with the solid-blue cap, it'd be my favorite road uniform in baseball by far.

It'll never happen officially, but it should.

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