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Removing iron-on residue on a jersey


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Here's the situation.

About a year ago I found a thrift store gem - a red Chicago Blackhawks jersey with Jeremy Roenick's #27 on the back, full and accurate customization, and a Stanley Cup centennial patch from 1992-93. For $10. Sweet, right? Well, yes... except the previous owner happened to install the French version of the patch, and so it says "Coupe Stanley" instead of Stanley Cup.

So what I'd like to do - I just ordered an NHL 75th anniversary patch from eBay, and I'm planning to remove the 1992-93 French patch and have the NHL 75 put on instead, since the Hawks made the Cup final in 1991-92 anyway. Then, I'm going to have the French patch put on a Habs jersey, since they won the Cup that year and the language will match.

The problem is that the Centennial patch has been on the Hawks jersey for a long time and I'm worried it won't come off properly. It's not glued on, but the plastic backing on the patch is sticky, and when you pull at the fabric behind the patch it sticks a little bit. I don't want to remove the patch from the Hawks jersey if it's not going to come off cleanly.

Any advice? Should I remove it, and if I do and there's residue, is there any way to get that residue out?



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Where in the hell do you guys keep finding these awesome jersey deals? Every thrift store I've been to in the past few years only sells old man pants and dirty fishing hats.

How comparable in size are the two patches? If the new one is the same size or even bigger you may just be able to just cover up the residue.


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