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  1. Actually, it's nothing like that. Nothing at all. To me, it's a lot like that. It's bothering someone because they bought a cheaper product that still gets the job done. As in, "I overpaid, so everyone else should too. And if anyone finds a way to get a similar product for less money, then I'm going to be jealous." Wouldn't it be more like the Lexus owner being peeved at the Toyota owner who threw Lexus emblems on his car?
  2. Even if I had no idea what the jerseys are supposed to look like, these sites would just not get through my BS detector. Feel like a professional Rams team player by wearing Sam Bradford Jersey Outstanding quality make you comfortable when wearing Sam Bradford Rams Jersey; V-neck and colorful lines on the sleeve keep up with the sports trend; Competitive prices on our website will save you much. More items you buy, more discount you'll get; Yep those sentences scream legit.
  3. Uh didn't the Canucks just decide to not re-sign him? He didn't go run to anywhere.
  4. Why is an American League pitcher holding a bat? It appears to be a fungo. Looks like a long barrel, and it's taped - pretty high in fact. Still weird.
  5. The Oilers replaced all their old banners with new ones 5 years ago (don't worry, they didn't change them, they're just made of a material that doesn't break down and lose its colour over time), and they auctioned off all the old ones for charity.
  6. Who cares? It's a thread on an internet message board. It really doesn't need guidelines that will restrict it to naming 5 more players and then hitting the graveyard.
  7. Well since that's a pre-edge jersey, technically, it's wrong regardless of legend status or time.
  8. I'll probably feel dumb after this, but who's the 2nd one?
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