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  1. Awful. I'm aware Reebok is using script instead of logo... but I still hate it. Looks bad on the helmets, and its going to look bad on the jerseys.
  2. It might make it worthwhile if Nanaimo could move the BCHL Clippers up to the WHL. We hear rumours about it every few years...but it could never happen without a team in Victoria. One trip to the Island, two games. I was reading Patrick King's article on Sportsnet talking about how the league would much prefer having two teams on the island as opposed to one. Still, they could at least make it a "two game trip" location. I know in the AJHL when teams go up to Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie, it's almost always a back-to-back game with them. Smaller league, shorter travel, but same concept.
  3. While we're on the topic of Flames AHL team, I still wish the Oilers would have kept their AHL franchise in Edmonton instead of the Oil Kings. I love the WHL, but I could still have seen a lot more people going out to support Oilers prospects than the Oil Kings.
  4. It's too bad it didn't work out in Chilliwack. They had fantastic support for a Jr A team there, and it seemed like things started well in the dub.
  5. Actually, it's nothing like that. Nothing at all. To me, it's a lot like that. It's bothering someone because they bought a cheaper product that still gets the job done. As in, "I overpaid, so everyone else should too. And if anyone finds a way to get a similar product for less money, then I'm going to be jealous." Wouldn't it be more like the Lexus owner being peeved at the Toyota owner who threw Lexus emblems on his car?
  6. There's always some beauty stuff that never seems to make it to the A's - online, or even the one time I was in the Bay Area - tough to find anything that isn't a generic HEY LOOK WE'RE THE A'S
  7. Am I the only one that finds it really weird they unveil brand new jerseys and a logo mid-season, yet they can't even wear it until next year?
  8. They made a few mistakes of that nature. Not a visual one, but "... from the Florida Panthers, #63 Tyler Ennis!"
  9. On the number topic, I'm not saying every number above 50 is a bad number, I just think there's a lot of numbers that don't look right in baseball. 88 is one of them, in my mind.
  10. I'm aware of what he did. That doesn't excuse what a horrible number 88 is for baseball.
  11. For the CoolBase/doubleknit nerds out there (and I know there's a lot of you), it looks like the ones being worn today are of the doubleknit variety...
  12. I hope Outman never sees the light of day on the roster with that number.
  13. First glimpse of the A's yellow alts, as tweeted by @JaneMLB http://twitpic.com/3tyrzv