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So last night Dayton busted out some new black uniforms for their game against Xavier. I am a huge fan of daytons current uniforms. I love the piping on the shorts, if you guys havent seen they really are nice, but these black uniforms last night looked horrible. I don't know if they were apart of some promotion or something but I hope they dont wear them again.

Heres a photos from ESPN


Photo gallery from UD: http://www.daytonflyers.com/view.gal?id=43887


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Apperently these are rather new. If I'm not mistaken, Dayton wore this jersey template sometime in the past three years. It would have made sense for the alternates to come then, seeing that was the template they wore. But Dayton players were excited to bring them out, and said they looked real nice, as if they'd never worn them before.

Also the colors make no sense, I guess they just wanted some contrast between the blue and black, so they changed the shade enitrely, to something they don't even wear.

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