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NCAA Lacrosse "Road to Foxborough" Sig Series


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As some of you may or may not know by now I'm a very big college lacrosse fan. With the NCAA Tournament only a few weeks away, I decided to use the theme of the "Road to Foxborough" (the NCAA Championships are at Gillette Stadium) for a series of sigs and eventually a tournament wallpaper to compliment the tournament (as well as a thread I'll post once the brackets are announced). Now I know lacrosse isn't the most popular sport around here, especially the college game compared to the indoor game, but my love for the sport as a player and a fan made me do this. Plus I might post these over at the Inside Lacrosse message boards.

Now onto the sigs. For the signs I used this Java application called Signmaker. You can check it out at http://www.kurumi.com/roads/signmaker/signmaker.html . Now I don't have Illustrator and I'm not that good at creating stuff like that, so that's why I had to use this for my project. Besides that part of it, I used my creativity for the rest of it. For each of the schools, the roads I used were the ones that go through the campus or are the closest ones to them. The signs are colored in school colors and feature an exit number that reflects the title number each school is going after. The stripes on the side are supposed to represent median lines, though them being in school colors kinda make it not as noticeable. I used FHWA fonts for the school name and nickname. So far I've done the 4 schools that are basically locks for the NCAA Tournament. Virginia and Syracuse have been the two mainstays towards the top of the polls, though in recent weeks a combination of the two of them losing and Princeton's hot streak (including a win over said Syracuse) have put the Tigers at #1 this week. Cornell's all but clinched a berth in the tournament as well, as they've won all but 2 games, which were against said Virginia and Syracuse and play said Princeton this weekend. Enough talking, here's the sigs themselves that I've done.


Virginia 4 NCAA Titles, player is Danny Glading


Princeton 6 NCAA Titles, player is Tommy Davis (I goofed up this one somewhat. US 1 does not even go through the village of Princeton, never mind the university. And to think I was there last weekend :P )


Syracuse Not to brag, but my school come August has 10 NCAA Titles :D , player is Matt Abbott


Cornell 3 NCAA Titles, player is Max Seibald

Considering this is pretty much my 1st large scale project (I've done pennants for the pro sports teams for my door that I haven't posted, but I didn't put much effort into it) I'd love to hear your opinions on this. And by all means, if your a fan of any of these schools and want to support them come May, even if lets say your a Syracuse hoops or Virginia football fan but not a lax fan, use them in your own signatures!


Twitter: @RyanMcD29 // College Crosse: Where I write, chat, and infograph lacrosse

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Got another one done

Notre Dame's basically a lock as they're still undefeated up to this point. That and my coach played for them back in the late 80s, so that pushed up the release of this one as well. They're next up in this series.


Notre Dame 0 NCAA Titles, player is Scott Rodgers.

Considering Duke, Hopkins, and UNC are virtually in lock status they'll be next up


Twitter: @RyanMcD29 // College Crosse: Where I write, chat, and infograph lacrosse

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