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  1. To paraphrase an old board trope, as a fan I'm not a fan of the Mets' metallic decals on their batting helmets. It just doesn't work when you have the orange the Mets have
  2. NBC and Sportsnet look like they'll keep the status quo for scorebugs and the like for the playoffs. NBC will produce the Toronto feed and Sportsnet the Edmonton feed, and worth noting NBC had their usual replay wipe while SN had a NHL logo for theirs.
  3. I'm not that into the pro game like I am with college, but I do find it hilarious watching Tom Schreiber in orange and navy
  4. For context on Texas' backstop This ballpark's like an onion. Each time you think there's something that makes it the most hilarious ballpark ever designed, you find a new layer that makes it even more hilarious
  5. Miffed on them going with the Kraken, but that logo and uniform makes up for it. Looks fantastic. Kind of like the Wild, making up for the poor name choice with some really good design choices.
  6. and hey, $25M/year naming rights deal, to go with the new arena, as well as that MSG local TV deal means I don't have to worry about the Islanders' location status for a long while, which is saying something as an Islander fan
  7. Looks like tomorrow's the big day!
  8. Albany has a new logo set and they overcorrected their cartoony set with something straight out of 1998
  9. They look good, and in doing so hopefully they stop this nonsense of completely changing their look every 4 years.
  10. That Sportsnet Wednesday Night Hockey interview with Katz opening night when it opened just gushing over the arena and glossing over just about everything was INCREDIBLE CONTENT. Hoo boy.
  11. I doubt they'll go this direction, put putting the Peace Tower logo from the black alternates back in the day would be awesome for a shoulder patch. Even still, will be nice to see the Sens go back to their roots with a black home jersey.
  12. Wonder if that does provide an opening for Forslund to just sign on to NBC full-time and become Doc's heir apparent when the new contract rolls around (or, likewise, could be in the running for another network's top position)
  13. NASCAR's done a million and one documentaries on their own at this point, but an ESPN doc or something on the 2014 playoffs would be something. First year of the elimination format and everybody involved lost their damn minds during it
  14. In addition to my prior sports TV thoughts, two ones that might make me run for the hills and one that's not unpopular. Let's fire up the one that won't make me put on top of a fire -The first go round of NASCAR on NBC was meh when they were paired with TNT, and it became clear it was TNT's doing in that 2007-14 stretch. Part of it was unfortunately losing Benny Parsons to cancer, but it really came down to all the commercial breaks and not good production values. They wasted that Bestwick-Benny-Wally combo because of those issues hampering it. Oddly enough NASCAR on NBC since 2015 is on the 2001-07 NASCAR on Fox tier of great coverage. -Speaking of NBC... the latter years of the NBA on NBC kinda lost its luster a bit in the Kobe and Shaq Lakers dynasty and post-Jordan era. It just didn't have the big time feel it did in the 1991-98 stretch. Also didn't help that NBC Sports didn't have an on-screen scorebug at all times until 2004 with whatever the hell abomination they had for Notre Dame football. -Actually, one other NBC one that's kinda linked to today. It was really weird having no baseball on NBC and then WHAM! there's a LCS and the World Series on NBC all of a sudden in October. Not that it's a bad thing to have Bob Costas calling postseason baseball (granted again, they were behind the times with scorebugs). Same thing with TBS when you watched 0 games on it all year because the Sunday national game was when 13 other games are on and it's blacked out locally and then all of a sudden the entire LDS was on TBS. It's smoothened out a bit with Fox getting a split of the LDS now and at least TBS has stuck around for a long while, and the extension of the deal might carve out a new more prominent weekly package for them too. -And now for the one to make me head for the hills. Boy, the OLN debacle made a lot of hockey people forget that the NHL on ESPN was utter trash the final 3 years or so, especially once they got the NBA deal. The NHL on ABC was a downgrade over Fox in terms of the amount of weeks it was on and the games they were airing, and that's oddly enough around the time National Hockey Night took a hit in quality. NBC has its own issues with variety. but the final years of ESPN were all Wings, Avs, and Devils all the time with some Flyers or Pens sprinkled in. Then once the NBA moved to ESPN they didn't promote it, they switched networks games were on last second, they didn't even throw the Heritage Classic onto ESPN2 or anything, and it was clear ESPN didn't want anything to do with the NHL anymore at that time. Once Comcast started giving a bit of an effort in putting together a sports network after getting those Pens-Wings Cup finals and hockey fans stopped caring about every single TV ratings release, there wasn't much left to miss about being on ESPN, at least from the standpoint of the 2000's. I'd definitely be down with the NHL adding ESPN alongside NBC and NBCSN with the next contract like every other league does with multiple broadcast partners (just with the caveat that you put all 7 SCF games on NBC proper, and then you can split the weeknight CFs with one conference on ESPN, the other on NBCSN, and weekend games on NBC), but if every NCAA Hockey Tournament and the 2016 World Cup of Hockey are any indication I wouldn't be too upset if FS1 outbid them instead.