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  1. I'm fine either way, though I prefer the piping whites a little more than the pinstripes. My ideal scenario would be if the Mets went back to the piping full time and had a '86 throwback for Sundays like they did 2016, but I wouldn't mind if they kept it the way it is now. For what it's worth, the blue alts are one of the best colored alts in the league when used in moderation, but the Mets just wore them way too often (especially the 2015 World Series) and I think we've all grown a fatigue of them.
  2. From the doom and gloom of July 1st to GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS AND SWEEPING THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS. Folks,, I am indeed HOOTING and HOLLERING
  3. Boy I never would've imagined the Islanders would make the playoffs this year, never mind having home ice advantage for the first time in my entire life. Still think we're doomed to Death By Crosby like most Islander-Penguin things but this season's been amazing. And hey, get past the Penguins, keep up the goaltending play, and get some good offensive performances to go with it (and maybe have the power play have anything that resembles a pulse) and the sky's the limit. I still think these playoffs scream "Everything Coming Up Penguins" though. Also I usually drop a YouTube link for a song to get things in the mood for the playoffs. Because The Admiral changed his avatar last year at the start of the playoffs to this, got it stuck in my head the entire first round, and he subsequently kept it an entire year, you're all forced to listen to it.
  4. I think the E-sports divide might be around the millennial-to-Gen Z divide. I'm 28 and couldn't care less about watching it outside of FIFA Tournaments, but it's a huge hit for those in their early 20s. Also like to think the Dynasty Modes-to-Online/Ultimate Team divide runs around that line as well in sports games, and that's why pretty much everyone has punted on career modes from EA to Sony (2K at least pumps things into it, but also puts the most in the virtual currency crap). Anyway, on topic, my answer's cricket. Any time I catch it randomly on TV I can't follow along with what's going on outside of putting in a frame of it being similar to baseball. [and Happy Post 6,000 to me. Make a logo and put it on a baseball cap and sell it]
  5. Looks like Syracuse will be sticking to Nike. Unfortunately the deal might be struck too late for new uniforms, though https://www.syracuse.com/orangebasketball/2019/04/syracuse-ad-john-wildhack-on-new-nike-deal-potential-for-new-football-uniforms.html
  6. Islanders- Nassau Coliseum. Not that anyone's called it NYCB Live outside of being required on telecasts anyway Mets- Shea Stadium (Correct) II Jets- Meadowlands Syracuse- The Dome, though they can transfer Ernie Davis from the field name to naming the whole Dome to him
  7. Wow, the Jets pulled this off nicely if that leak's the real deal. Even the black alts were done nicely. Gives a little Saskatchewan Rough Riders vibe in a good way
  8. FWIW this morning I saw another picture of the hat on a site where the green was considerably lighter than the one posted here, but it's since been taken down. Something to keep an eye on either way
  9. Not the most mindblowing change, but also not the worst by any means which is a good sign. Kinda wish the green was lighter after they've been hyping it up for so long, though
  10. 13 year old me made his first of two big mistakes of television watching that year. First was shutting off that halftime performance because by the time Kid Rock came on, I'd had enough of terrible pop music performances. So I missed out on the thing that upstaged the walk-off FG Super Bowl. 9 months later I shut off the Friday night NBA on ESPN game featuring the Pacers at the Pistons with about 4:30 left, feeling the Pacers had the game locked up by then. You know exactly what came next.
  11. Looks like some very subtle changes coming tomorrow
  12. Parity is a buzzword the NFL uses for marketing purposes so you can enjoy the Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl against whatever team the NFC throws at them this time as a facade to distract you from all you are suffering in the cold real life. Eat at Arby's New England vs. LA Rams
  13. So I guess every Arizona city council meeting is like a 'Tom Goes to the Mayor' episode and not just Glendale's
  14. Also out of all the networks, CBS usually keeps that season's normal graphics. They changed it up in 2016 and 2013, but they had the status quo in 2010, 2007, and I believe 2004 as well