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  1. But yeah, we were starting off real strong with the F1 liveries and then it kinda fell off a cliff by the time we got to Haas going full Russia and Williams breaking out the F1 2020 My Team Career Mode scheme, never mind Aston Martin having way too light of a green scheme to separate it from Mercedes. Alpine looks great at least
  2. In MLB The Show I almost always made my RTTS character a closer, with the entrance song being half the fun of it Besides that, I'd go with professional darts player. Get a nickname, wrestling like entrances, and spend the holiday season in London? Sold.
  3. Looks like ESPN will pay a lower increase by percentage but otherwise ESPN, CBS, Fox, and NBC hold the status quo, ABC gets more MNF simulcasts and a spot in the Super Bowl rotation, and TNF will have Amazon to be NFLN's partner in carrying it
  4. The sooner the Bengals stop trying to mimic Princeton's tiger-striped P logo, the better. I'd rather them just use the Bengal head as a primary going forward. Just use the wordmark on the jersey in lieu of the B below the collar if need be
  5. Self quote because of course Wysh tweets out he's doing a Clubhouse meetup just days after he says he wasn't touching it on Puck Soup. But yeah, be on the lookout for the NHL deal in the coming weeks because that seems to be ramping up
  6. So kind of a busy weekend for sports TV deals talk. Chris Johnston said on Saturday Headlines it's looking like ESPN will pick up a portion of the new NHL contract, with a little additional fire poured by Wyshynski saying something about tomorrow at 2 pm with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse .gif, though who knows if that's just Wysh going into usual trolling mode or not. The ESPN vs. Fox secondary rights fight we thought was coming might actually be NBC vs. Fox for the primary rights after all. But we'll see. Anyway, why is that timing interesting? Well, here comes this whopper from Ourand a little bit ago OOOOOOOOOFF
  7. where's Dinger and the DeviantArt OT Challenge when you need him
  8. Man it's been 7 and a half years since the Tom Goes to the Mayor city council meeting and yet here we are, the Coyotes still managing to one up themselves
  9. I love the Kachina look, but I kinda now wish the Coyotes would base their new look on purple. The old/new primary black jersey's fantastic up close with the little details but the black and green gets muddled up too much on TV. I really noticed it the other night where it just looked a little too drab. I'm usually not a proponent of Unique for Unique's Sake, but the Coyotes taking ownership of purple and putting a new spin on their 90s look would really set them apart and look great. I'd have no complaints if the Coyotes keep the status quo with the 90s jerseys being the full time set next year, but this Reverse Retro's too good to phase out.
  10. Daytona 500's tomorrow and we've already seen Ben Rhodes win the Truck Series race and Austin Cindric win the Xfinity race, plus Kyle Busch snagging an entertaining Busch Clash win after Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney collide in the final corner on the road course. So let's get this thread going in what should be a very interesting season in NASCAR
  11. Worst scenario remains when Coca-Cola thought it was a good idea to do a counter-insurgency campaign during the Pepsi 400 at Daytona and made like all 11 of their Coca-Cola Racing family drivers run similar paint schemes to promote their new Coca-Cola C2 soda. Boy that got hard to follow along in a hurry. And yes, Gordon won running his Pepsi scheme in the Pepsi race
  12. Daytona Speedweeks. Fox sometimes breaks out some new stuff for the 500. Last season NASCAR on Fox stuck with the older non-football set, as did MLB and MLS
  13. They need to center the quarter and time. Overall it's fine, even though it's really just a simplified version of what they had for the scorebug. They gotta decide what theme to stick to, though, because the scorebug's really simple and flat but then they're using all these 3D graphics and animations for all the other graphics