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  1. Bucs new uniforms coming out next week
  2. Chargers simplifying it to the powder blue and yellow's gonna be a real nice combo to see. Hopefully the uniforms work well to tie it all together, but so far so good. Also have to say the American economy will rebound nicely thanks to all of us getting all these new pocket helmets for our collections this summer
  3. I do like how they're going to match the jersey and helmet colors so it won't be inconsistent like the past. I didn't mind if they went blue/gold or navy/gold, as long as they picked one and stuck with it. So going blue/gold for both will work nicely especially how well they work together with the brighter shades they went with. The issue? There's no way the ram decal on the helmet isn't getting screwed up with what's being presented
  4. Not sure if this got lost in the shuffle, but it looks like MLB The Show's once again got the postseason logos for the current year and have them out before MLB officially released them. Found this off a video on YouTube
  5. March Madness usually had a Turner based graphics package, so the rest of CBS doesn't go with them (so maybe they'll update their NBA graphics sometime this century when the season restarts in the playoffs or comes back in the fall?)
  6. Got a snap of a one week only banner arrangement at the Coliseum. Butch Goring's 91 joined John Tonelli's 27 a few days later
  7. Yep, plus then still have to schedule around the lacrosse teams March-May as well
  8. In honor of my all-time favorite post of mine and all the talk of AHL having new leadership... HELL YEAH TIME TO REALIGN THE ALL UPSTATE NY AHL ORIGINAL CHANGES -Adirondack's now the Adirondack Red Wings again because that's about as stable as the Glens Falls team has been through the years -Binghamton's now the Devils a la real life -Albany River Rats come back -Ithaca has finally come to an agreement with Cornell University to become the Little Red! However they're now mired in a lawsuit with Ithaca High School. -Fredonia was forced to rebrand to the Eagles after their really racist promotion in the 2015-16 season finally pushed it past the point of keeping the Senecas nickname -Vegas gets their affiliate in the West Division in the Lockport Locksmiths (Canalmen's still taken by Batavia and they ain't giving it up) -Upon entry Seattle will open up the East Aurora Borealis. They will do at least two Simpsons theme nights a year. Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers will be the mascots. Laughs will be had when they play Albany and Utica. They'll play in the West. -"So now that there's 32 teams and two divisions of 6, wouldn't they just change to 4 divisions of 8?" No, because this is the AHL operating only with teams in Upstate New York.
  9. Based on a few things Mike Joy tweeted out earlier in the week it looks like they'll be sticking to the 2017 graphics set this season
  10. July in a non-Olympic year. No football, hockey, or basketball outside of midseason WNBA, no college sports, baseball's got the all-star break and the dog days of the season, it's the worst stretch of the NASCAR season with the ghastly traditional Kentucky-New Hampshire-Pocono-Indy stretch that's now 3/5ths of the ghastly Chicago-Pocono-Indy-Kentucky-New Hampshire stretch, and even if there's a World Cup that only saves the first handful of days of the month from the rest of the dreck. August at least has preseason NFL, most of the time part or all of the first week of college football season, start of the European soccer season, the Watkins Glen NASCAR race and now Daytona in the last regular season race, and the pennant races taking shape.
  11. FWIW Fox's graphics haven't changed to the Super Bowl style for NASCAR just yet during practice. They have the Busch Clash tomorrow and then the 500 next week but usually Fox and FS1 keep the same set through Speedweeks
  12. I know we keep on anticipating the NBC scorebug change that's never coming, but I guess there's a window to change it at the Stanley Cup Playoffs so it's in time for the "Championship Season" and Olympics. That being said NBC's practically given all their non-NFL and EPL properties new graphics for everything but the scorebug the past 2 years so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. I can get used to it for football. Jarring at first but it's fine as you get used to it more. This is going to be terrible for baseball if they stick to this style, though
  14. Don't think it's anything more than utilizing it for a fantasy camp, buuutttt there is that rumor Adidas and the NHL are opening up a throwback slot for all the teams so...