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  1. 13 year old me made his first of two big mistakes of television watching that year. First was shutting off that halftime performance because by the time Kid Rock came on, I'd had enough of terrible pop music performances. So I missed out on the thing that upstaged the walk-off FG Super Bowl. 9 months later I shut off the Friday night NBA on ESPN game featuring the Pacers at the Pistons with about 4:30 left, feeling the Pacers had the game locked up by then. You know exactly what came next.
  2. Looks like some very subtle changes coming tomorrow
  3. Parity is a buzzword the NFL uses for marketing purposes so you can enjoy the Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl against whatever team the NFC throws at them this time as a facade to distract you from all you are suffering in the cold real life. Eat at Arby's New England vs. LA Rams
  4. So I guess every Arizona city council meeting is like a 'Tom Goes to the Mayor' episode and not just Glendale's
  5. Also out of all the networks, CBS usually keeps that season's normal graphics. They changed it up in 2016 and 2013, but they had the status quo in 2010, 2007, and I believe 2004 as well
  6. Sports Are Awful, Eat at Arby's And Submit To The Sweet Deliciousness Of A World Without Interests And Hobbies
  7. Los Angeles vs. New Orleans New England vs. Kansas City Life is Suffering, Eat at Arby's
  8. Just when you think Syracuse basketball hasn't been bipolar enough in the ACC years, the Orange go from losing to Georgia Tech at the Dome by double digits on Saturday to knocking out #1 Duke at Cameron Indoor tonight.
  9. I know at least it's a Women's World Cup/Gold Cup year, but geez you'd think with UFC gone that Big3 would at least get some non-random-MLB-quasi-GOTW summer programming on for FS1
  10. Time to bring back SHAMELESS FIVE MINUTE DRAWING PLUGS Yes, the antennas are baseball bats. This is Brandoise we're talking about.
  11. Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Dallas vs. Los Angeles Los Angeles vs. New England Eat at Arby's Philadelphia vs. New Orleans
  12. With the exception of losing the F1 rights to ESPN last year, NBCSN's really become the spiritual successor to Speed Channel. They also landed the IMSA rights away from Fox/FS1, so the 24 Hours of Daytona will be on NBCSN later this month.