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  1. Theo Fleury http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_dkAYjn6gU2o/Sr0AnfoLfMI/AAAAAAAAFok/iRu9NbqjsPE/s1600-h/theo-fleury-photos.jpg nikolai khabibulin
  2. Curtis Joseph in the Calgery Flames Edge era uniform.
  3. I might be in minority. I think the Shark's edge 1.0 set was perfect.
  4. From 1996-97 last year of the Whalers, and first year of navy, and copper Oilers.
  5. Quebec Nordiques vs Atlanta Flames.
  6. I love Navy, and Orange, but come on. All you have to do is a Navy version of their classic set. They downgrade their uniform every chance they get
  7. Does anybody know if any junior teams. That are having specialty uniforms. For the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1? I’ve known team have had specialty unforms before. Commemorating Remeberance/ Veterans Day.
  8. That better be a Walmart knockoff.
  9. I like the Barcalona kit, but I think it would be better if the shoulders were navy.
  10. I love the clash kit for South Hampton beautiful kit.
  11. Nike can burn for what they did to PSG, but that Inter kit is beautiful.
  12. The Feynoord shirt is a blantant Timbers copy, but it does look beautiful.
  13. I loved this set from San Jose, and think of it as a rare example of the white jersey being better The Canadien's road jersey is too bland. I Wish they would have kept this for the last 70 years I don't like either of Dallas's edge era uniforms. I love the Rangers blue jersey with the stripes beeing separated. Carolina no explanation needed.
  14. If the striped went all the way across the shirt it wouldn't be as bad.
  15. The best part of that picture is the helmet.