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  1. Yeah after I made that comment I realized they kept the Senators lineage going. Either way, Cleveland shouldn't have changed their colors just because other teams have navy and red and I'm glad they kept them
  2. I like the cap logo and wordmark but that flying G baseball looks... geez, outdated from day 1. And not in a "this will be dated 2020s" outdated, I mean outdated from the past already. I also do like they stuck with the navy and red. There's quite a lot of UFUS (unique for unique's sake) that was being thrown around with the exclamations of "there's too much navy and red" and "not like Cleveland has won anything in so long anyway so why bother keeping that look around" and "own up to purple and call it your own." 1. Cleveland has had navy and red way longer than a lot of other teams that have it and it looks good. Not their fault the Angels and Minnesota adopted it long after they did. 2. If you want a purple team, let's get the Rockies to finally commit to using purple as the primary already
  3. Missed TEXAS 2 ________ Day every year? Well good news!
  4. For the pocket pro helmet collectors out there, Riddell's finally got the Washington helmets available. I think it's $5.99 rather than the usual $4.99 because it's considered limited edition but it's way better than those shoddy custom made ones going for 30 bucks or more that I saw on ebay last season. Mine should be coming early next week so I'll post that and the new Bills one when it comes. Bringing this back on topic, I know it's par for the course with players reactions to uniforms, but I laugh how earlier in the week they were saying how the sleeves were a "throwback" and in the end it's just a white version of the set they have right now. It is much better than the bone jersey, so I'll at least give them that for clearing that low bar.
  5. This isn't so much on the studio end, but my least favorite thing of the NBA on ESPN has to be the dreaded end of quarter-full length commercial-30 second sponsored highlight clip where the sponsor read takes up 20 seconds of it-full length commercial stretch. TNT doesn't do it but ESPN sure loves that 5 minutes of ads strategy. I don't know why it's not uniform for a quarter break leaguewide and why there's a discrepancy between the two national broadcasters, but it's there
  6. It ended up working out in the end when Tony Stewart joined a lower tier Haas CNC Racing as a partial owner, but yeah given how Roush has been the past decade I'm not sure that's going to work that well in the short term for Keselowski
  7. Eh, I'd say no. The list of things I put down having that meltdown are the ones parroting the dead puck line, but really 1. The Islanders actually attack a lot more than the first two years of the Trotz era. The Lightning's defense flew under the radar in being the difference maker in this series more than the Islanders being too defensive minded, first 50 minutes of Game 7 aside 2. The Canadiens are more a combo of their youth scoring breaking out come playoff time again, their dinosaurs in Perry and Staal showing up, and Carey Price finding the fountain of youth all of a sudden The league didn't shift after the Blues and Bruins made it to the Cup Final with ramping up the physicality, and even your defensive minded teams still have a lot of speed and skill on the other end to avoid it being like mid-90s trapfests
  8. I would greatly prefer to never play the Tampa Bay Lightning in the playoffs ever again after these past 6 seasons, but them's the breaks. The Islanders being the most successful team I root for sure as hell is a far cry from 10 or 25 years ago, that's for sure. Just hope they finally get that crack at the Cup in the next few years and this one hurts cause it felt a bit ripe for the taking given their style vis-a-vis Montreal's The Lightning are the defending Cup champs for a reason, and although I would've liked a much better effort Game 7 those first 55 minutes, it is what it is. Time to jump onto the Habs bandwagon for the hilarious inexplicable run they're going on. Canadiens-Islanders would've made all of Hockey Twitter, Hockey Analytics, both ends of the hockey podcast spectrum between Ryan Lambert and Spittin Chiclets, probably all of NBC, ESPN, and Sportsnet (for English language purposes, TVA would be immune), and the city of Toronto melt down, but the Habs somehow winning it all would kinda suffice on the chaos end.
  9. Excuse me that's the GREATEST. DIVISION. IN SPORTS. to you! (It's true because Fox, NBC, and ESPN make sure to always put them front and center)
  10. Dan O'Rouke's had himself a week. He was one of the refs for Isles-Lightning Game 2 and now tonight This Canadiens run is becoming hilarious, though
  11. Looks like the Bills will stick to Orchard Park rather than downtown Buffalo. Might open up a season or two scenario where they have to play in Toronto/Syracuse/Penn State/etc. for their home games, though https://www.wivb.com/sports/buffalo-bills/bills-planning-new-outdoor-stadium-in-orchard-park/
  12. Not to go all homer defense mechanism either, but the Islanders have been getting quite a bit of offense this playoff run, too. They're first in the playoffs in terms of goals scored (yes they padded it a bit with empty netters but still). Yes, the forecheck and neutral zone play are still there, but they've shaken off the defense only stereotype these playoffs
  13. It's the run of the mill stealth style jersey that's been used by a few teams, but it seems to work with that red. I wouldn't promote it to alternate status but it's fine for the Stadium Series
  14. lmao most hilariously stupid overtime hockey game since last night's peak #HERECOMETHEOILERS. Islanders played their worst game all playoffs and freakin' win it
  15. Love the way it looks. Would be even nicer if they got to utilize it in the sports coverage given the mini-renaissance they've got going with MNF and the NHL back and the expanded NCAAW Tournament coverage to join the NBA and college football, but I won't hold my breath with ESPN at the helm
  16. After the first day or two of working out the kinks, gotta say I'm digging these font choices
  17. Well, with Kenny Albert and Eddie O heading over to TNT, it's pretty much the NHL on NBC in spirit anyway
  18. In honor of NBC's final playoffs, please rise for our national anthem FWIW, based on what they posted earlier in the day, it's looking like NBC's once again going to have a better montage at the start of the playoffs than CBC. Still the worst move of the Rogers takeover was getting rid of the guy who made the ones like this
  19. Somewhat related in the past month EA announced they're bringing back the PGA Tour series with all four majors on board. I went back to playing Tiger Woods 14 during Masters weekend and man that game was fun. If they can keep that mix of simulation and arcade with a good selection of courses to complement the licenses I'll really be looking forward to that
  20. Hey now, if anything, we one of the ESPNs or FS1 to fully commit their December mornings and afternoons to THE DARTS (NBCSN would've been perfect if not for the "no longer existing" part)
  21. Wow all the disrespect for the greatest NBA champion of all-time Every time someone does this with New York it ends up being either 4 Yankees or 3 Yankees and a Knick so as a non-Yankee fan I don't even bother with doing a New York Mount Rushmore
  22. So a week after thinking we were going real OITGDNHL with no word on the B package and the ESPN announcement leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouths to the point that they still only would have one broadcast partner, the NHL manages to get above their asking price and get 7 years/225M per from Turner. On one hand having every other year's Stanley Cup Final on cable after finally landing every game OTA for the first time on ABC is a bit of a step back, but man at that price it's hard for the NHL to balk at that, especially with NBC lowballing and Fox not wanting to go that high. Also with the Winter Classic on Turner and them under the same umbrella as HBO, we could see a revival of 24/7 coming next season
  23. If it weren't for Chris Johnston's report on Saturday Headlines I'd say something along the lines of "offering two TV packages, then making a huge celebration for the A package to the point no one else wants the B package and you end up with just one broadcast partner anyway would probably get real peak OITGDNHL," but it's looking like Fox will save me from posting that later this week if nothing else was coming out about those negotiations
  24. The Busch Paint Scheme Printer came out with a good one for this weekend
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