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Miami Marlins Concept


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Again, I'm digging back into my Flickr archives and grabbing this. It's a Miami Marlins concept, with more hints of orange and navy blue, similar to Dolphins colors. I also made a version with black in the navy's place, but that was lost with my flach drive. I took the old 1950's (?) era minor league Miami Marlins logo, and also made an alternate "M" logo similar to another minor league Miami Marlins logo from around the 1970's-1980's (if memory serves me right). I also got a logo in the shape of Florida with a star on Miami for a sleeve logo.

Another thing: I also thought Miami is well-known for people dressing in white, and I got to thinking, "What about a near-all-white look at home and a near all-gray look for the road?" So I made the hats to give that South Florida look.

Well, enjoy!

Miami Marlins concept

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This is a good start and I can tell you spent a good deal of time working on this, but do us all a favor and save your concepts in .PNG format please.

I would if I could on this one and all the others--I don't have the original. My home computer was cleaned out and I lost my old flash drive, so my hopes of finding the original are slim. However, I'll remember that for anything new from now on. In fact, I'll do that with my Utah Rockies NHL concept right now.

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this has greatness potential. i like this fish logo better than the real one. a few changes you may want to consider:

1) the striping on the socks and the belt are a little odd-looking. clean those up maybe?

2) the angle of the wordmark across the chest is pretty steep

also, great job of implementing new colors (navy and orange) into a very unique set already. when i get to the marlins in my redesign i will also be using some orange, so i agree with that. i was worried that when you said that you brought in navy that the teal would be gone, thus eliminating the identity of an expansion team with 2 titles already. but you did a grat job by balancing both the teal and navy. 8.5/10


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