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  1. I forgot that the Spiders were a NL team. I wonder if that's one of the reasons they didn't revive it. It's like how the Nationals didn't bring back the Senators name yet again, as that was an AL team. (Well, I'd assume that was one of the reasons). Earlier, someone commented that "MLB Block is fine," and that teams using custom fonts shouldn't be a thing. Totally disagree here. Sure, MLB Block is fine. But with that logic, the only fonts that should exist in the world are Helvetica and Times New Roman, because they are just fine. Should the Yankees and Red Sox use MLB Block instead of their fonts? I think the new number font looks good and fits in with the wordmark.
  2. On this note, this reminds me of the time I've encountered deer while hiking. Deer are nothing like Bambi. They are big and very ferocious. Their kicks can break your back (at best), and kill you at worst. Geese are also very nasty, don't mess with geese.
  3. Anyone who has been hiking and come across a cub. That means the (very mean) mother is nearby.
  4. And I don't see it succeeding the third time, either. Then it will have a fourth relaunch. And so on. If it succeeds, great. But I just don't ever seeing it work out. For all the faults the NFL has, it's also clear that people don't really want anything much different. If ratings of other football attempts are anything to go by.
  5. Given how petty a lot of baseball players can get (beaning batters, charging the mound, etc.) it's pretty clear to me most professional athletes aren't usually all that book smart. Most of them are immature, whiny, but hey, can't say I blame them. I wish I could get paid millions to play sports, too.
  6. My understanding is this is largely deliberate. Much like the Senate gives a lot of power to thinly-populated states relative to the House, the idea is that capital cities are often away from the big population centers as a way to keep power not entirely with the population, to ensure the more rural parts of the state are represented. How well this actually works, I dunno. Periodically, some states talk about moving the capital. Alaska, for example, has been discussing moving the capital to either Anchorage, or somewhere near by, since at least the 70s. But it's more a talking point than anything that will seriously happen.
  7. But... It's the state capital, and a distinct market not connected to anywhere else in California. It has totally different politics from the Bay Area, and is more than 100 miles away. If Green Bay works, Sacramento certainly does. If we are considering population, then Fresno would be even larger than Sacramento, and could also work as its own thing. But no one would ever think of Fresno before Sacramento.
  8. A lot of it has to do with politics. Orange County leans in a completely opposite direction from Los Angeles County.
  9. This has happened before. When Apple released macOS 8 in 1997, it was a very minor update. In fact, it was originally intended to be released as macOS 7.7. The reason it was changed was solely to shut down the Macintosh clone market, which had licenses to run System 7, but nothing newer. Under the hood, it had no new kernel, no new APIs, nothing of significance. Whereas the later macOS 8.5 actually was significant. So it's happened before. And version numbers are always arbitrary to an extent. The first major release of Windows NT was 3.1, as opposed to a 1.0, simply to keep the versioning in place with the consumer-oriented MS-DOS versions (i.e. Windows 3.1 from 1992).
  10. Perhaps. Me, I don't really care. As long as they have some consistency, that's all that matters to me. If they want to do annual version updates, fine. Although makes me wonder why they still even bother with the code names anymore.
  11. Good for them. I don't think they'll do a Pride theme for the City Connect, as much sense as it might make. Nike seems to be going for the most broad strokes possible. Especially if that leaked jersey is legit. It's pretty much what most people expected: Golden Gate Bridge and fog.
  12. Given baseball seems to appeal to an older demographic, I can't help but think MLB/Nike wanted to shy away from this.
  13. Also they are already on macOS 12, which is coming out later this year. It will be known as "Monterey." They seem to be moving macOS to annual version updates.
  14. This was actually due to poor programming practices by third-party developers. Instead of checking for "Windows 4" as they should have (since 9x was based on kernel versions 4.x), they instead only looked for "Windows 9." Which also failed because of Windows Me. And Apple did have a macOS 9. I don't know why they skipped iPhone 9, they shouldn't have. The re-released SE should have been called the 9.
  15. Even the "Chinatown" movie wasn't about SF, though. It was about LA's Chinatown. (Well, really, it was just about the SoCal Water Wars in general). I don't think a "Chinatown" reference would work at all.
  16. This reminds me of the people who are claiming that NHL's ads on the helmets is just for this season. No, it absolutely won't be extended next season. And the one after that, etc. Let's not forget the NBA once claimed ads on the jersey were merely a one-season experiment. This whole thing is a good example of "creeping normality." How powers that be gradually bring about changes they want, usually against the wishes of the majority, in such a way that it's slow and gradual. Eventually it feels normal or most people don't notice.
  17. Not sure I agree here. An expansion franchise that made the Finals their first year, has been a contender every season since. I know you are a Habs fan, but if we look at this more critically, I'd say this has been a pretty successful logo (so far).
  18. Someone at Microsoft did say that. It was a stupid thing to say in 2015 for exactly this reason. Because plans change. The quote was in reference to Windows moving to a more service model, and it was something to the effect of "Windows 10 is the last Windows and it will be a service." It's possible the speaker (who I believe was French) meant to say "latest," in which case the quote makes a lot more sense.
  19. This isn't true, in the sense that Apple has never said anything that could be interpreted as such. The closest reference I can find is Steve Jobs referring to macOS 10 setting Apple up for the next 20 years. He said that in 2005, and macOS 11 came out last year, so it was fairly accurate.
  20. People said the same thing about the Red Sox (which I agree with). Didn't stop Nike from giving them a City Connect. The Yanks will have one sooner or later, it's just a question of which season it debuts in.
  21. I like the jerseys. Simple and clean. The comparison to the Dodgers is fair, it's pretty heavily inspired by it, but it works for me. Unlike some of the other jerseys shown off so far, I wouldn't mind seeing these worn fairly often.
  22. I can't stand seeing the Red Sox and White Sox not wear red and white socks, respectively.
  23. I disagree. I actually really like the number font. Obviously number fonts are going to be hit-or-miss, but I think this one works. And it's one less team using the generic MLB font, which personally I don't care much for. I do think seeing these jerseys with the standard Sox wordmark would make them good alts, though.
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