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  1. Both of these teams have alternates that seem to be worn willy-nilly. I have no idea if the Red Sox are going to wear their home jerseys or their red alternates. I have no idea if the Dodgers will wear their team road jerseys or the city road jerseys. I wish both of these teams would settle on a simple, predictable alternate schedule.
  2. No. The NFL has too many peaceful protestors, too many rules, isn't any fun, and everyone on the roster needs to be fired.
  3. I don't know why, but I just kind of find this hard to believe.
  4. Unpopular opinion: I actually prefer names under the jerseys. Especially since oftentimes people identify players as "#x: Name Name." I've always felt it looks a bit cleaner, too. To me it looks weird only because it's not what we're used to.
  5. But now all the true blue patriots that were going to watch a real league with real Americans playing real football will feel betrayed.
  6. That's kind of how the playoffs worked prior to 1991, when only five teams got in so just the #1 seed had a bye.
  7. It probably also helps that by this point the city has won three Stanley Cups and combined for five Cup Finals.
  8. Oh, so Vince was just riding that "'Murica" wave. Got it.
  9. I suppose. He may not be Posey or Lincecum, but he still sent the Giants to the WS that year.
  10. It's just a matter of time before MLB has ads on their jerseys. It's not if, it's when.
  11. Well of course it won't ever happen. But if we were talking about places that "should" have a hockey team, there's a city that would probably enjoy one. Especially more so than Phoenix.
  12. They should have. Should have just been the "Oakland Warriors," and then gone back to "San Francisco Warriors." Never liked the Golden State moniker. But it's here to stay now.
  13. But given how much emphasis was on the XFL only employing "clean" football players and having "simple" rules, it seems this is exactly what the team names should reflect. Something like "Outlaws" and other names that are "fresh and kewl" would seem to be against the whole purpose of this league. Or it could be Vince was just riding a trend and doesn't actually intend to follow through on any of his promises.
  14. Success does weird things, though. Lots of bandwagon fans here in SoCal have been Warrior fans, and then previously Clipper fans. But now that the Lakers are "good" (for real this time, we promise!) I imagine they'll go back to being Laker fans.
  15. If Cheyenne ever got a pro team, I could see them adopting "Wyoming X."
  16. Anchorage should have a NHL team. City is growing to the south, plenty of space to put in an open-air rink. Borrow the SeaWolves identity, always loved that logo.
  17. I don't like promotion/relegation for baseball, but one thing I thought of would be designating the leagues as major-market and mid-market. You've got the big markets like New York and Los Angeles that have the money and the near infinite resources to scout for talent and develop players. Then you have the smaller markets like Kansas City or Minneapolis that historically haven't had the same advantages. Realign the leagues in such a way one of them contains smaller markets, there might be a bit more even playing field. (At least until the World Series). In a way this kind of reflect the original AFL, how it mainly focused on neglected or secondary markets relative to the NFL.
  18. I don't know. But given the location it seems like something that would be considered.
  19. Same problem with LA. Which is why Owens Lake disappeared by 1924.
  20. On the other hand, I see lots of cheap Yankees jerseys with NOB. I assume people buying them know they're fake, right?
  21. I honestly don't see what is bad about this jersey. Unless there's some subtext I'm not getting.
  22. I figure "Phila" is probably the "proper" abbreviation, but I've always wondered why they don't go with "Philly" given that seems to be much more common.
  23. I've been hearing about an 18-game regular season for a long time now, at least since the start of the decade. It's just become one of those "I'll believe it when it happens" things. At this point, I don't think it will happen until the NFL expands (and they will have a full-time London team no matter how awful the idea is).