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What is the LITR in the NHL?


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Sorry to make a new thread for this, but this is just one of those things that Google can't answer, so I'm turning to our experts for help.

The LITR is some sort of list that injured players or something can be placed on and their salary comes off the books. That's as much as I know. But can someone tell me what it is. I'm slaving to figure out what it stands for and I just gotta know lol.

Any help is appreciated.

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LTIR is the Long-Term Injured Reserve, meaning that a player put on that means they cannot play for at least 10 days or something. Also that players salary does not count against the cap while the player is on LTIR.

Actually it does count while a player is on LTIR, however you can replace it. The difference there is that you don't end up saving money that can be used later on afer the player returns.

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Thanks guys, appreciate it.

As may be no surprise, Hockeybuzz has it screwed up on their salary cap page and lists it as LITR, hence some of my confusion (not that I'd have been able to figure it out for sure anyways).

You can download a copy of the NHL CBA and it gives detain into how it is applied.

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