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I'm a very recent first-time visitor to this site who stumbled upon it while trying to chase down news regarding the Cincinnati Bengals new logo & uniforms. I'm not an artist or graphic designer but I enjoy checking out your creations & think it's cool to see you guys putting your talents to a fun use on the side.

As mentioned, I came upon the site looking for news/ideas relating to the Bengals, and I am a loooong-suffering fan living here in Cincinnati where we're all kinda waiting to see if Mike Brown screws up the new threads like he did the logo choice. Do any of you know where I can find concepts of Bengals logos or uniforms that have been created?

Keep up the creativity!

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although i don't think this will be it. ;)

If I had a nickle for every Discrim creation I heard that about... :D Just messin' with ya. I've never done a Bengals' concept before. I might try one that incorporates all 5,000,000 logos they have.

EDIT: My bad. I just remembered a photo edit I made once. I've since burned it *wink*. It was Chad Johnson in a white-jersey-black-pants combo. He didn't have his helmet on, so I don't know for sure what it would look like on the field. I might try that.


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