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Eventually I am going to open a website. Two of my brothers are going to display their work as well and we are going to call it Jaxon Digital Studio. I have put together a couple of pages to see how good they would look. I would love to get some ideas as to how I can make these better. I have included the page that will display my work, and a page with links.

Both of these are just pictures, nothing works. I just threw some links on there for examples. Let me know what you guys think I can do to improve this. Thanks.

Portfolio Page

Links Page

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I like the basic setup of it. Straightforward, which is always nice. Also, I love the way you used the shape of your logo as the outline for the concept thumbnails.

however, my only real suggestion, is that there is a lot on one page, especially for a home page. I think you should put your portfolio and concepts as a separate page, and use the home page as an intro. Thats the only thing I would really change, it looks good

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