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Boston University Hockey Concept


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Take away the plain font and it's really not much different from what they have now. "Boston" needs to be arched, that's tradition for the school. You can modernize the font, but I would keep it with serifs, maybe similar to Providence College. And make the numbers match the font...the numbers are very similar to the Red Wings, which makes them almost identical.

They could add black as a trim, because black is a school color. But they would have to still be predominantly red, because black, red and white are also the colors of the cross-town rival, Northeastern.

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I thought that's what they were. The Lowell LockMonsters use them, too. I think they look very plain. I liked the style they had before, a modified Franklin Gothic style.

I think the Patriots used the same lettering/numbering when they used the 3-D numbers, just before the darker navy they have now.

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