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Wisconsin: State of Origin


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alright, I took one look at illwauk's Wisconsin state flag concept and got an idea. and in actuality, I've been thinking of ways to get this concept done for months. The main sticking point? I didn't want this to resemble the Badgers in any way, though I also didn't have any colors in mind. Problem solved...thank you illwauk, hope you didn't mind B) I thus present to you Wisconsin's interstate Aussie rules uniform


if you're wondering about the symbolism, illwauk's thread tells that tale. flag by illwauk, concept based on said flag, action templates by me (via photos from Full Points Footy)


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I love it.

Firstly the redesign of the flag is good, and I agree with 'Scrim that it's a good basis for a jumper. The key starting point is the stripe, which is similar to the sash used by Essendon and Richmond (and at one point, South Melbourne). The number panel incorporating the road sign is a nice touch, though I'll point out that Dennis used it in his Los Angeles Highwaymen concept. I'm not really feeling the logo on the main shorts -- the colors are too jumbled to be seen clearly.

Other than that, though, it's fantastic.


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