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My very first concept!


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Hello! I've posted a few dumb comments here and there, but this is my first concept.

So anyway, there was discussion about Finnish soccer teams' logos on this one soccer forum and there was a pretty clear consensus that a team called FC Lahti has one of the ugliest logos ever. This is what it looks like:


Not the best one around?

I'm not a fan of the team, but I just felt that even with my meager design skills I could do better. The team itself is very young so it's logo can't be called a classic or traditional, but I thought I was going to base my concept on the existing one. In the original discussion someone commented that they should replace the ball with a 'wheel of fire' found in the coat and arms of the city of Lahti:


So i thought I'd incorporate that in my logo. Well anyway, here it is:


All comments are welcome! Help me make it better.

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Nice work!

I really don't like the half and half thing going on with the ball and the wheel. It sort of looks like the ball was just plastered on. I think what would look good is either solely having the wheel, or putting a black and white ball at the inner part of the wheel. Also, just a comment about the highlights on the wheel, I'm not an expert, but I believe that they're too small so as they would get lost if the logo were ever to be embroidered.

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Pretty good for a first time out. Keep learning and keep improving.

The "wheel of fire" is a great idea to incorporate into the crest, but I think a better way to do it would be to put the soccer ball inside the wheel, perhaps as the hub of the wheel, rather than go half and half. This way, you won't cut off some of the flames on the left side.

Be careful with your beveling and shadowing too. Don't make it too complicated, or else it will muddy things up and make it hard to reproduce in other media. Keep it simple.

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I agree that the half ball thing causes problems with one of the flames, but on the other hand it brings a little color to the logo. Without it the logo is not as lively. But if I use it as the center of the wheel, it looks like a ball with some kind of halo. Or sun behind the ball. But here they are.



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