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Jupiter Hurricanes


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*UPDATE* I took the outline off the hurricane, changes the alts, shrunk a buncha stuff, made 2 consistent hats, made inkscape teal and yellow orange the primary colors and a few other things i'll leave up to you to find.

Here is a concept that i made for a baseball league called the Florida Baseball Association.


The team is called the Jupiter Hurricanes, after the Great Red Spot on the planet Jupiter and its position on the Florida coast.

The color choice and primary logo are kinda spotty but being a below average grade designer, I am pretty proud of my work. C&C please! Muchos gracias.




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I think one thing you need to do, though it is a good start, is figure out what your definite primary color is. the colors are all over the place. so if I was you I would chose one color for this team and stick to it, then go from there and work around that one color by adding accents with the other colors you are using.

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Mmm the color scheme here is ugly at best, but I think the thing that jumped out at me was how each color was used about the same, it just doesn't do much for an identity and you need to choose what color is going to be the primary, and then use the secondary color less, and the tertiary color maybe just for accenting. The whole logo package just screams "stock font", and do a little cleaning up on the hurricane logo, that outline is wack.

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honestly, it looks pretty messy. i think you should spend time cleaning up the logo before you put out updates updating the concept itself. you might not think this, but when a concept looks neat and professional, people are more likely to have positive comments for your design. (by clean up, i mean even out the line widths, fix the logo on the cap so its not going over the cap border, and choose a primary color, secondary color, etc.)

but i like where your going with the JH cap logo and the hurricane logo.

again, if you cleaned everything up, it would look much better.

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