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My failed Draw Braw 2 Entry


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Good competition, some great work out there!

I started out with this bridge from Buenos Aires and built from there.

The simple font being used and styling was picked up from a Art Deco artist famous for his posters while living in BA.

The only "star" in the design is the closest one to the earth.

The bright colors of the logo representing a festival appeal.

I avoided Spanish on the logo, since Argentina has an excellent educational system and English is not uncommon.

I feel strongly in this situation the players should wear there own team's uniforms, which would be a rare treat for the folks down there to see the stars in their familiar colors. (and to sell more NBA jerseys & stuff!)

Ticket, logo & lapel pin in done in Illustrator, foam finger in Photoshop and patch in Corel DraWings.






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well i dont necessarily think you went wrong anywhere. the concept in itself is fine and the presentation is great.

i would say the execution is a little week in places however.

the font certainly doesnt say deco to me if that was intended. indeed all the fonts together seem like a bit of a mish-mash.

they dont feel like part of a whole as much as they look like disparate elements.

i actually quite like the colours on the whole although the drop shadow on the letters looks a bit strange.

something i notice a lot about design on the boards is the lack of consistency when it comes to line width.

the lines on the sun rays are very fine next to the slab outline on the back and white version.

officeglenns version is good reference for this type of thing. in his badge there is a consistency with regards to the outlines on the sunrays

and the flag and the badge. this transfers across to the ticket design outline also.

it seems like a small point, but it really gives your work the feel that the elements used belong together at the correct scale.

lastly, i think the ticket shows that your design doesnt work well when placed within a vertical box. you have had to break apart the

design in order to fill the space.

if you look at conrads design, he has a main block logo which fits well in most shapes due to its being nearly square, but the breakdowns of the logo

work in different shapes. it got my vote as the logo elements and overall design scheme flow nicely into other media like the ticket (see the west v east logos).

the idea of the ticket was to show exactly that. how your scheme would work across all schemes and platforms.

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Your biggest problem is the sun. It has a 'clipart' style and looks like it was clipped right off the Argentinean flag. It's not required or even desirable, in my opinion, to use historical elements exactly as they are. Put your own spin on that Argentinean sun. Make something that has a more cohesive line weight and won't stick out like a sore thumb in your logo. Secondly, unless your illustration is a knock it out of the park, top-notch piece, I would advise using a photo with some effects instead. It looks like your piece is trying to look real, but it doesn't do that, and it's not graphic enough to read as a stylized illustration.

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