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Detroit Arsenal Identitiy package


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I really wanted to do something timeless with this one, and I really would like your opinions on it.

First of all, the team name comes from Detroit nickname from WWII, "the Arsenal of Democracy." The primary is inspired by Detroit's city flag, which has 4 sections that represent the 3 countries that have controlled Detroit (One section of Stars and another of Stripes for the US; One with lions for Great Britain; One of fleurs-de-lis for the French).

C+C welcomed



I once had a car but I crashed it. I once had a guitar but I smashed it. I once, wait where am I going with this?

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Everythink looks great, the only suggestion I would have would be to work on tweaking the Secondary "D". I know it's tough to do a "D" in a Old English style without it looking like the Tigers Logo, but tweak it a bit to look a little less jagged, and flow better, otherwise great looking set!

Also, I'd shrink the Lion in the Primary so it doesn't overlap the cannons....

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