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got this from a friend:

Hey everyone,

It?s Marshall, the marketing guy here at Race Face and Roach. You know, the one who keeps sending out all those press releases and UFC updates? Well, I?m going to be straight with you - I need your help.

You see, a few weeks ago we were finishing up designs for our Spring/Summer 2005 clothing lines. The Race Face line was dialled but I thought we were one jersey short of an epic line-up for Roach. I told the design group we needed one more jersey but the answer was a firm ?no?. The clothing designer, production manager, even the president said there was simply no time. Now this is where I started getting myself in trouble.

I began to plead my case ? calmly at first but slowly building to a fevered pitch, peppering my speech with every fancy marketing term I could remember from school. I explained that our Roach clothing line was our strongest yet but still looked incomplete. Another design wasn?t simply ?a nice to have? ? it was a ?need to have?! So, we had a tight timeline to work with - when had that ever stopped us before? I told them our loyal Roach fans deserved another jersey in the line and damned if I?ll stand there helplessly watching them being denied that.

And just as I thought I was changing some minds, it happened. Never knowing when to stop, I added ?I mean, It?s just a jersey design. How hard could it be? Even I could come up with a new jersey design in a few weeks.?. Well before I could say ?backfire?, the design brief was tossed in my lap and I was wished ?good luck?. Meeting adjourned.

So now I?ve got three weeks to design a jersey. Problem is, I don?t know the first thing about design. My sketches look like something out of a 3 year old?s colouring book and my grasp of design software is abysmal. This is where you come in.

I know there?s some talented artists out there who could come up with some killer jersey designs. Well, here?s your chance to show off your skills. In the interest of saving my job, I?m starting up a three week contest for jersey submissions. Best design becomes part of our Spring/Summer 2005 Roach collection. Only requirements for this jersey is that it?s got to be cool, it?s got to represent the Roach brand and it has to be submitted by April 30th. Artwork can be in JPEG, PDF or EPS format and should be sent to: jerseydesign@raceface.com. You can also download our jersey template in order to show artwork placement by clicking through to: www.roachclothing.com/jerseydesign .

And for helping me keep my job, I?m going to dip into my marketing shwag bag and send the winning designer a high performance Race Face Crankset, along with a pair of the award winning Roach Rally FR leg armor. And to top it off, I?ll even name the jersey after you!

So sharpen your pencils, crack your knuckles and start flexing your creative muscle. You?ve got three weeks and counting. I?m looking forward to seeing what you?ve got.



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this is actually a pretty rockin opportunity. i don't know the first thing about dirtbike jersey design, so I'll have to think about it, but I'll try and give it a shot. I don't bike so the prize is kind of pointless for me, but I don't care. This is cool.

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Any idea where to find their designs, like is roach.com their website?

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