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Memphis HounDogs Concept


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I was reading a thread in the Sports Logos thread about NFL prototypes in the 1990s and became inspired to make these. It's a conceptual look at the Memphis HounDogs bid in 1993. These uniforms are NOT in anyway an interpretation of what the prototypes were. They are moreso an interpretation of what I would have liked to see from this team. C + C please.

My designs are based upon that of the Jaguars and of the rise in unique uniform designs of the 1990s. I always felt the Jaguars took a little bit of inspiration from the HounDogs appearance with their uniforms. Whether this is true or false, I wanted to have a few small similarities in the design. Primarily with colors.






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I wanted to hate this but I can't. There's some good stuff going on here. I like the asymmetrical helmet stripe, and that it's continued on at least one of the legs. Hopefully you reverse the stripe on the other leg so it's always consistent with the helmet.

1 Change the number font - what is that SD's? Not saying to go nuts, but something a little more rounded would fit in with this more. If you have to use another NFL team's, maybe Houston, or maybe Cincy, though that might be too much.

2 I like the sleeves, but they would never look that way in real life due to templates. The white part above the color change would never wrap around like that (see USC or NE for examples). Even Carolina is losing this ability to wrap around. That being said, you'll end up with something more like the Jets, where your divider strip isn't narrowed at the ends, just straight. If you're going for something more like the original Jags, then maybe think about doing a Titans style. You could even do a multi-colored Titans thing, where the colors reflect the stripes. Even if only on the sleeve, and not necessarily the shoulder, but mess around with it.

3 Add white pants, even if just as an alt. Just have them in the mix.

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