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Which sport requires the most communication, cooperation, and/or equal physical exertion between the members of a two-person pair?

List of doubles/pairs sports:



-Double scull (rowing)


-Figure skating

-I can't think of any more!

Please list more sports if you can think of any. I can't find a list on the internet of doubles/pairs sports. Keep the list growing.

The question that caused this one: Can you practice for a doubles sport alone?

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You could also add table-tennis to your list, I suppose.

And yes, you can practice most pairs sports alone, but maybe not to the same effect. A lot depends on the sport- tennis, for example, is fairly easy to play doubles if you're talented at singles. Pairs figure skating, on the other hand, is virtually impossible if you've only ever skated singles.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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