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Christian Ponder Signature


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Hi. This is a minor concept, but it's just an idea I had... I'm not sure how well it translated.


C+C welcome. If you want one like this I can try, but I honestly can't crank these out like some other sig threads because it is a bit time consuming. If you want one, you'll have to link me to a pre-cutout pic.

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also the text and background are really random, try just a normal font and make it pop with effects and change the background to something that relates more to football because a bunch of stars really has nothing to do with football.

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Well the background doesn't necessarily have to totally relate to the image, but it does have to blend in and have a similar flow, preferably with similar colors or patters or w/e. I've done a lot of signatures over the last few years but it took me about 2 years to really get the hang of it. Here are some examples of my work to give you some ideas:






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