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  1. Does anybody have the latest font set by Conrad? Email: trevismeseroll@msn.com
  2. Cleared my inbox.

  3. Your inbox must be full, shoot me an email at trevismeseroll@msn.com for them Washington numbers.

  4. Part 2... Joe Kingman - The Game Plan (Boston Rebels) Vince Paple - Invincible Roy Hobbs - The Natural
  5. Now how about these, they are fun to create more so the average everyday player... Movie custom figures... Deacon Moss - The Longest yard Bobby Boucher - Waterboy Ernie Davis - The Express (Syracuse University) Ernie Davis - The Express (Cleveland Browns)
  6. LOVE the "Bucco Bruce" revamp my friend! GO BUCS!!! Also is there any way you can send it may way... I am wanting a new image... trevis@allstarcustoms.com THANKS

  7. Thanks Patchez... FSU when you get time...
  8. I think this one is dead, no Buccaneers or Seminoles?
  9. THANKS Patchez, the rest i sent were okay too? The All Star Customs looks GREAT!!!
  10. Simply AMAZING my friend... I'm looking if you don't mind for... Florida State Seminoles Tampa Bay Buccaneers (current an retro) and this one if you don't mind, the one in my sig...
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