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Hockey Night in Canada Oddity


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Don't know that this has been discussed before.

Has anyone noticed that in the Hockey Night in Canada intro that Mario Lemiuex's jersey during the animation cutaway of him scoring against the North Stars is of their mid 90s jerseys, not the Stanley Cup winning jerseys he's actually wearing in the video clip? I noticed this last year, but figured that was a simple mistake.

However, sometimes HNIC will use a shortened 30sec version of their intro rather than the 60sec normal one. Over the past couple of games that they have used the shortened version, the animated Lemieux is in the correct jersey. HIS JERSEY IS ONLY CORRECT IN THE SHORTENED VERSION. The jersey remains different in the long version. Does anyone else find this odd?

Here's the long version with the incorrect jersey:

Here's the shortened version with the correct jersey (starts aboot 2:30ish in)

And here's the 2010 montage, which is just worth a watch.

2010 Playoff



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Awesome pickup; I had never noticed that, but yes, for a split second, Lemieux's jersey changes and goes back. Obviously that is a shot of an actor so they can get a different angle, but of all the networks in all the worl, you'd think they would be sticklers for the correct hockey sweater.

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