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  1. On the international scale? No. Local clubs? Oh for sure. You have to do something on a cold winter's night. TSN had a Top Ten greatest curling plays show on some time ago and one of the plays they picked was from the 1960s. Remarkable how much the game has changed. I can't remember the actual play because I was transfixed by the guy throwing the rock. Back then they used the straw brooms instead of the push brooms of now. They wore heavy knit button-up sweaters and wool tams! And I kid you not, the guy throwing the rock had a lit cigarette in his mouth! The only reason I even bring this up is that I believe (though I could be wrong) the Norwegian team in 2010 introduced those pants as a type of retro uniform honouring Norwegian teams from the '70s... It only took a couple weeks, but I found what everyone is looking for. Head to about 16:30 for some hot action.
  2. I got my first Rangers jersey (away, blank) when I was 9 years old...2 years before the Cup win. Every other kid was wearing Canucks crap in 1994. It was the greatest moment of my life, up until I got to dress my daughter in her first jersey.
  3. Makes since now. Alone that just don't cut it. I wondered why Batman had such a troublesome relationship with the rest of the Justice League, but after that scathing condemnation, I now understand. (The 80s had some cheesy covers)
  5. At least the Red Wings placement fits with some tradition.
  6. This is how I'll always think of the RCMP
  7. Yep. Morgo, here ya go: As a holder of four POTD ribbons it is my duty to step in and say that Morgo's post is hardly POTD material. There are many, many things wrong here. I'll just address three of them. First off, the guys who nominated it for POTD don't have the tenure or the juice to do so. Secondly, the guy who awarded the ribbon has no business awarding it. Finally, the post itself had not one element that made it POTD material. It was a pathetically weak attempt at humor; and around here, that's really saying something. Therefore, I am invoking rule 77 sec. 09 paragraph 8 of the POTD rules of engagement and exercising my right as a multiple ribbon holder to correct this egregious error. I am hereby rescinding this ribbon and noting for the record that the post in question will not be recognized as part of the hallowed history of the POTD. As is my right as defined by sec. 36 paragraph 19, I am not required to nor am I asking for a second or a consensus on this matter. It is done. Let freedom ring throughout the land. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. PS: I think the Lightning's look isn't half bad. I kinda like it actually. Rule 77 seems overcomplicated to have at least 9 sections and an 8th paragraph in one of those sections. Why wouldn't you just refer to rule 79 where it states everything infrared41 says is awesome? Anyway, when the Edge deals came out, I had a friend who played with the Wolfpack who got called up for a couple of games with the Rangers. Anyway, he saw a mockup of what he called a "modernized" lady liberty alternate that was to come out the 2nd year after the lockout. Obviously this did not occur, and while I like the look of the Rangers current alts, there is no doubt that if there ever was a franchise that took the idea of an alternate jersey and did all the right things with it, it was the Rangers with Lady Liberty. Alternate colours, logo, and jersey design without going over the top or simply reversing colour designs. Has anyone heard any word about Ms. Liberty making a return? I have no connections to the Rangers anymore other than my heart.
  8. He was an underrated player, who had Gretzky bouncing pucks off his back and stick all season long. That's easily one of my favourite two trivia questions for hockey "Name the 5 players who had 150 point seasons." Most avid hockey fans can name 4/5. My 2nd favourite question: "Wayne Gretzky had the most points in the NHL from January 1st, 1980-December 31st 1989. Who had the 2nd most points that decade?"