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  1. I forgot just how gutsy Coach Bombay was by putting Gaffney in to face Gunner for that last shot. Didn't some coach in the NHL take Bombay's advice by putting in a cold goalie for the shootout at some point? I remember maybe Cujo or someone coming off the bench in Toronto?
  2. Not really a uniform, but Messier in a Jofa instead of Winwell gets me.
  3. "Nomo as a Red Sox threw a no-hitter." This should say "red stocking". "Sox" is plural for stocking. That's the jist!
  4. I don't think that Hull played any amount of time with the Rangers. He did play with the Flames, however. Anyone have that pic?
  5. Holy lick. I have been looking for Messier Stinger jerseys for years. I once saw one of him facing off against Gretzky in Indianapolis. Anyone have that one?
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