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Another college cries foul on high school's use of logo


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Whitmer runs afoul of Pitt on logo

The University of Pittsburgh has told Whitmer High School in Toledo, OH that it has unfairly used their trademark Panther logo and wants the high school to stop using it. Lawyers representing the school district sent a letter (PDF here) to Pitt's Associate General Counsel, stating that the school will stop using the logo and replace it with one designed by a student (posted on the web article near the middle of the page). This includes replacing the midfield logo on the FieldTurf at the school's football stadium, which they say is the largest in Ohio.

The logo is that the Toledo Blade posted on the article shows the field logo, but you can see it definitely looks like the panther used by Pitt from '97-'04. I know you guys have some strong opinions about high schools' theft of college and/or professional logos and I wanted to know what you guys think about this case.


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The school superintendent said they are a victim of their own success. So, if the teams were bad they wouldn't have gotten caught? He's not really taking responsibility for using a stolen logo.

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wow, a crappy copy of a crappy logo.

they wouldnt steal the coca cola logo would they? wht is it cool when its a sports team.

these situations are tricky because you dont want to divert money from the school and consequently kids education,

but you have to protect marks. even crap ones.

somone should pay with their job and serve as a deterrent. i guess the head teacher or head of the governors.

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