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MJAHL introduces new name, logo and marketing strategy


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Good move. I like the trend toward simpler logos...from about 1994 to 2004 it seemed as though logo designers felt the need to cram as much information as possible about the league or team into the logo. But sometimes, simpler is better as this logo demonstrates. Classic and way less busy.

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Someone's changed the Wikipedia graphic so it's the same logo twice.

Which makes this thread a tad more fun. :D

But for the sake of being helpful:


LOL! Ok that explains it for a moment there I thought this was some kind of practical joke... well that was after 5 mins of playing spot the difference and not finding any!

New logo is a huge improvement on the previous one, I'm not saying it's the finest ever created (gradients?) but it's certainly a big step in a more professional direction so in that respect it's a success.


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