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Do we know anything about the 2010 Pro Combat jerseys?


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I'm guessing Oregon St will wear theirs in the Civil War

Probably that or the showdown vs. TCU.

I have to say I'm pretty excited/curious. I've never thought Oregon St. had very attractive unis, although the current set isn't bad. They have potential with a bold color scheme, a nice and unique number font, and a great primary logo. But the Beaver on the helmet has to go . . .

OS is not usually given this kind of honor, so I'm happy for them. I hope the Ducks beat the piss out of them in one of our "everyday is Pro Combat day sets."

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I don't know how real or Photoshopped this may be...


The number is definitely photoshopped, but with the game being months away they may not have the actual jerseys made yet. I would think Nike would do a better job photoshopping the picture though.

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