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Looking for bryan hayward's shark mask


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The mask that really put the Sharks on the map.  It's the Sharkhead and I believe it is at the Hockey Hall of Fame.  there are two versions.  I'm looking for both of them.  For those who don't know what I'm talking about, this mask is basically the design used to create the Sharkhead that Team Teal (or now half of the Cleveland Barons) skate out of before home games.  If anyone has a high quality pic please email me!

Note:  For those who have NHL97 from EA Sports, I believe they had pics from all sides.  I know its a stretch but it could help me...so help me help you because it will be a part of my Sharks site.

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I know Gerry Cosby's in MSG/Penn Station has a poster of the mask.  You might try calling them.  I think the website is cosbysports.com.  They may also have the poster at the Long Island store.  I know they have a lot of older posters.

Other than that, check the easports NHL series website.  They do a timeline on there and I know one of the years is called "The Year of the Mask."  I haven't been there ina while, but it'd be worthwhile to check out and see if they have it on there.


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