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Appalachian State Jerseys


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They're alright, but very sloppy. The numbers especially are very pixelated, and I'm not sure about the charcoal gray yoke on the home and the dark blue cuffs on both that don't match with the school color scheme.

I've noticed you've been flooding the board with concepts lately which have garnered very little C&C - don't feel you need to do that. Take your time on one concept at a time and try to make each one the best it can be before you post them here. You'll improve your skills over time and more people might be interested in your concepts.


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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Too much bright yellow. Maybe I'm a bit biased since I'm an App grad, but I love how the yellow on our current jerseys is really just an accent to all of the black. All of that yellow makes it look too chipper.

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