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So this is my first time posting my stuff, so I'm not sure of the protocols of all of this, but I was hoping to get some feedback on one of my recent designs? It's kind of random, but one of my friends goes to Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne. And I was looking at their logo, and it is AWFUL... Now there is no way I could possibly get a shirt with something so ugly on it. So I decided to mock one up, a new one, a better one. Now I was trying to not make a blue and grey version of Bama's so I tried to keep many of elements of IPFW's original one, the trunk positioning, the trunk shading. I made the tusks a little more prominent, and did what I could to furry it up like a mastodon, but it was hard to do with out making it curly and girly, and brown (not one of IPFW colors). The original one just looks bored, with a uni-brow. My version I tried to make look a little more intimidating. But I'm afraid it looks to much like Bama, and/or isn't mastadon-y enough? So please let me know?




Oh, I also changed the headline text, because the formatting in the original is so strange.

"Classic" does not mean it gets a free pass for being bad design.


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I don't feel like you made a huge stride changing what they already had, truth be told. I think the biggest problem with a brand like theirs, is no one would know what IPFW was if they weren't a local and I'd wonder if their identity could in some way help that or at least make them more...memorable? I dunno, this is just feedback since you mentioned wanting it.

Thanks for sharing.

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