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I had these concepts buried down on the Fantasy boards, but I want to put them up here to get more traffic for comments & suggestions. The school is Boston State University, nickname is Clippers.

The watermark is not supposed to be this dark. I have a lighter monitor at home, and the watermark is barely visible on my screen there.



football uniforms


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Thanks everyone. I might be modifying the uniforms, especially the away ones, because I don't want them to be that heavy with the red. I might do similar side striping like the Patriots, where the blue side stripe is bordered by thin red strips. This way, I can mimic this on the pants and just have one set instead of 2 (gotta keep the school costs down).

There is no particular reason for the 3 sails, most pictures of clippers I saw seemed to be 3-masted. But I did form "BSU" from the middle-masted sails.

And yes, sad to say, paranoia is the reason for the watermark. Not from anyone here necessarily, but you just never know who is viewing these. Now that I see how dark it is, I still want to leave it in, but I may have it behind the graphics instead of over them. And I will make it a little lighter as well.

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