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An Assortment of ACC Football Concepts


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A few ACC football concepts for you guys.

Boston College - Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms

Clemson - Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms Purple Tops

Duke - Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms

Georgia Tech - Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms Blue Tops

North Carolina - Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms

North Carolina State - Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms Black Tops

Virginia - Primary Uniforms Alternate Uniforms Orange Tops

Virginia Tech - Primary Uniforms (Able to mix and match all parts of the uniforms)

Boston College - Not much change here just swithcing their look from UA to Nike. I thought about putting a logo on the helmet but neither of their logos looked good on a helmet.

Clemson - Just some minor changes. New number font, and added purple to the pant striping.

Duke - A modern version of this look.. My main goal was to get rid of the Colts jersey they wear now.

Georgia Tech - Brought back my favorite Tech uniform (And one of my favortie college football looks of all time)

North Carolina - Added some argyle striping (I know, very original) to the pants. I've seen other people's NC concepts that bring argyle into the mix, and usually they over do it. I tried to keep it simple with the argyle and not let it dominate the uniform too much.

NC State - A Texans/USC style shoulder stripe with a pant stripe to match.

Virginia - Brought back their old helmet stripe and added a pants stripe that matches.

Virginia Tech - Took their 2009 Pro Combat uniform and made some slight changes, no gradients and stripes don't fade away.


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Alot of these look fairly predictable, but still great. I love Georgia Tech and Virginia though. Simple clean looks definately do the job here. Also, may I ask what number font you used for Virginia?

Virginia's font is Calisto MT Bold. I believe it's a standard PC font. I was going for a font similar to the one they used when they were with Reebok.


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I'd switch the numbers and stripes on Va Tech's uniforms, and if you're going for the real mix-and-match, make the first cleats maroon.

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