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  1. Biles already has. She's won everything she possibly can at this point. The people who're doubting her decision to withdraw are idiots.
  2. Most scuttlebutt I'm hearing is that they'll be taking John Quenneville from Chicago.
  3. Apparently the Calgary pick will be Mark Giordano.
  4. It sounds like Arizona will finally make the Desert Swarm uniforms permanent.
  5. 1883 is when the franchise was founded and 1958 is when they moved to SF. I don't know what the 1996 is for.
  6. We should be thankful that we're dealing with salty obnoxious Canadiens fans rather than salty obnoxious Maple Leafs fans.
  7. The mere fact that Tom Brady gets to celebrate this is reason enough to hate the Lightning when they win.
  8. That's always annoyed me about the shoulder patches on the Kachina throwbacks. There was no reason why they couldn't put "Arizona" on the logo.
  9. It's the best home jersey the team has ever worn so it'd be awesome to see it come back.
  10. Holy :censored:, Bauer is screwed if even a small percentage of the accusations are true.
  11. Well, yeah, it's unlikely that the Lightning would be wearing the French version.
  12. Patch Collection is an extremely reliable source. They usually get their present-day patches directly from National Emblem, who manufactures most of the patches used on-ice in the NHL.
  13. Already confirmed: https://www.ebay.com/itm/393409666103
  14. Yes, and since I posted the comment you quoted, I saw the news from the team that said that the red kits would be back in 2024, confirming what I contradicted. I stand corrected.
  15. I don't see that happening. They've already said that they'll be rolling out the new logo in 2022. I doubt that won't come with new kits.
  16. Have you already forgotten about Adidas' sleeved jerseys?
  17. I get that, but teams can only get so much mileage out of "Look at what we used to look like when we used to win a bunch!" This isn't the dynasty. Winning championships in a certain look doesn't automatically make that look infallible. The Kings won two Cups in the previous iteration of their current jerseys, which went from Reebok-branded hot garbage to Adidas-branded hot garbage.
  18. I know that I'm going to get flak for this but I think the Oilers' current set looks damn good. I get why people have a soft spot for the Gretzky era jerseys but those just don't look as good as the orange and navy does.
  19. I'm still having the issue where I can't stay signed in on desktop.
  20. Damn, this Arizona team has me really excited. This is their first outright conference championship in more than 30 years and they won with such a young team too. There are only two seniors on the entire squad. And of course, Arizona softball is back in OKC. It's crazy to think that this is only their second WCWS appearance in the last ten years.
  21. I love everything about this jersey above the belt. YOU. DO NOT. DO. SOLID COLOR. PANTS. MATCHING. THE JERSEY. Seriously, that look works just fine in softball but unless it's gray or white (or sand in the Padres' case) don't do the softball look. It looks awful in powder blue (every single time, no exceptions) and it looks awful here.
  22. No. As good as it is for my fantasy team, it doesn't roll off the tongue and really screams 1990s. The look is timeless. The name isn't.
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