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Montreal Impact in MLS


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Since montreal's USL soccer team is moving up to MLS in 2012, I've been playing with a couple ideas for a new logo that would represent well both the city and the province and would be less cartoonish than the current USL logo.

I've come up with 3 different logos, all playing on similar themes. I've been toying around with MSPaint, so I guess I'm looking for comments on the concepts more than anything.

1st idea:


2nd idea:


3rd idea:


For the 3rd one, the beaver is from the coat of arms and would lend itself well for a possible nickname for the team, the red cross is from the city's flag, the fleur-de-lys obviously refers to the french heritage and the provincial flag and the 3 red stars showcase past success in USL. And I also used the bottom of the fleur-de-lys to create a `M`.

Which one would you say has the most potential?

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I think the first concept has the most potential. The jerseys are quite well done although the crest (while being the best of the three) is a little too busy. The only problem with the second and third concepts is the red cross; while it may be on the city flag, it screams "England" and will probably alienate the Francophone population in Montreal as a result.

I would simplify the crest on the first concept and I think you're headed in the right direction after that. Good work so far!


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