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I was actually planning to get these done after New Year's, but the nature of ideas are what they are, I was compelled to knock em all out this week. 12 schools, 12 sets...so without further ado, SEC Australian Football 2011 edition, part 1



I recall a while back, there were some alt-history NFL concepts, featuring a given team's uniform evolution. Though I intend to do a footy version someday, I decided to bust out a limited version with the Gators, among a few other teams. Notably, the home and throwback share almost identical design, except for the use of the current gator head (home) vs. the old gator over Florida (throwback)



For those out there who happen to like this one, I'm a designer for whom pride in what I do outweighs my dislike of a team. I don't usually say much nice about the Mutts, but I do almost like the bone pride stickers. Those were used as the basis for the set.



quarters aren't all that common in soccer, let alone footy, and a certain other SEC squad kinda has the market cornered on checkers. Thus, UK gets the former rather than the latter. I also figured two clash jumpers would work here: one plain white, the other plain blue. And I figure if capn89 pops in here, he wouldn't be the only one calling those two boring, but hey, it works for Norwood (South Australia).

Next up: part II: South Carolina, Tennessee, Vandy

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Part II

South Carolina


I figured stripes and halves would both work here. I couldn't decide on just one. The clash has a semi-sash, its tapered appearance inspired by the spurs that gamecocks wear.



This is one where I knew what the first choice would look like even before I thought of doing any other schools. The checkered V, I'd also intended to use. And the braces/suspenders on the black seemed like a good idea. And just this once, I surrender. I'll let you figure what about.



Again, I know the commodore logo's essentially been dropped. I don't much care, I've always liked it. And as the only school among these 12 that, to my knowledge, has an actual team, I figure I'd do what they'd do if they got their hands on some varsity coin. The V treatment on the golds and whites would, obviously, not work on the blacks.

on deck: Part III: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn

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Ah, Bama. Like with UT and checkers, I knew I was gonna use houndstooth in some form from the start. I'd actually finished Arkansas first, otherwise the crimsons would've been more simple than they are. If I'd gone that route, there would be very little difference between these and the Hogs. The houndstooth set, I decided to pair it with houndstooth socks.



Okay, the third sucks ass. This is Arkansas we're talkin about here though, so simple was largely the way to go here.



I was gonna use the hoops as the home, but in the end I thought the Northwestern stripe worked better for Auburn. So the hoops are relegated to third status.

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finally, part IV



normally I wouldn't pair a white jumper with yellow shorts, but then this is LSU I'm dealing with, they might actually make it work. The home jumper's inspiration is pretty obvious. The vintage jumper uses the brassy gold from the 09 Pro Combat uniform, and I couldn't decide whether it looked better as plain gold or gold/white hoops.

Mississippi State


Normally, you work on the front first and sort out the back later. However, the back is actually where I got started here.

Ole Miss


Anything other than the colonel or the script is hard to track down. Thus, as the Miami Heat so eloquently put it, Yes I Did.

now that you've seen em all, comment on one, comment on the whole lot of em, but feel free to comment.

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Miss State Bulldogs is by far the best the colours and design just pop out at you.

That Bulldog is awesome not to menacing, Footscray needs to look really hard at this.

Sorry i just don't get some of these tho they are in no way Aussie Rules traditional are they Uni Traditional?

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footy fumbler: heh, it's my MO, basically whatever I think will work is what I go with. Even if I wind up adapting an idea from a completely different sport. And yes, with the exception of the Florida clash, I aimed to keep myself within those school traditions I'm familiar with.

mbannon: a few years back I did the ACC, Pac 10 and Big Ten, and a while back I did the Big 12. I figure I'll revisit the Big Ten and ACC, and I've been meaning to do the service academies.

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Cheers Discrim i just didn't understand i realise how long it takes to design and post these concepts, there was no malice in my question.

Is that your own template design?

One other thing the Pigs clash 2 i'd like to see the tusks come from the A and go upways, not too picky am i?

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to answer you on the template, yes, it's my own design. Just recently reworked it because the previous version looked like crap once you got beneath the hood. To answer your suggestion, I wasn't planning on it, it's just one of those concepts that ends up existing when you run out of ideas for the moment.

I've started work on the ACC, so I figure I'll start a new thread either tonight or tomorrow, the first two schools will be Georgia Tech and Clemson. A bit of a heads up, if you're a Richmond or Essendon barracker, my ACC series will feature several sashes, both traditional and experimental, to make up for the almost sash-free SEC. Til then, once again check these out and comment on what you wanna comment on. Seacrest out. :P

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