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  1. but, but Tampa is on Hillsborough Bay. I first started following the New England Patriots over 30 years ago and have always known them as what they currently are. Not being from your part of the world i never knew they were so close to Providence or Boston until a few years back, not saying i think they should or shouldn't change just don't think i'd follow them if they did though.
  2. Technically if the Cosmos or some other side from NY comes into the MLS it will only be two sides.
  3. Very nice but looks to much like a roo. The body is just about right but the head looks like it needs a bit of changing, Wallabies heads are usually not as far forward as a roos on the body and the nose (snout part) doesn't have as much of a protrusion from the forehead. Suggestions: Straighten the body vertically slightly Shorten the front legs and make them more horizontal Take the bump of the face part near the forehead Shorten the tail a smidge.
  4. So very many. Friends Drew Carey Show Magnum PI How i met your Mother
  5. Agree with alexandre 100% It's amazing your work just gets better and better raysox.
  6. I don't see how faceless identities can agree to take part in anything other than fantasy. By posting on this message board thread you are agreeing to take part in a research project. Anything you post can be used in a study on retro branding in sport, but any of your personal information (name, username, etc.) will not be connected to the post. Is you me? Or the person using any account, or maybe it's chris himself? This poll is as bad as Sports Teams wanting people to design them something for free.
  7. The logo is in my sig CD Concha, i may leave it as when the club left the Key Wast United team took over? I love all your ideas so far, a mix of new and old.
  8. @soflo_sports the team i acquired in the USA fantasy soccer league here on the boards last season i have moved to the Keys, i was wondering if it could make a cameo in your Floridian League? Have some sort of back story how it was originally a member and got called up to the big league?
  9. That sort of sums up Soccer in this part of the world, it's everywhere but nowhere. IF South Melbourne and Southern Sydney do happen to be the next Expansion sides you could see seven teams wearing blue as their home kits, so i like how you are mixing it up.
  10. Not Green and Red. The Rosebuds were Green and Red for less than a year, the old KB United which were named after their sponsor Kent Brewery were Green and Maroon. Their yellow kit would be better to use as a third. I do love the gold and black kit as you tied in their Golden jersey era as well as the Magpies link.
  11. With that sun behind the ship it looks Imperial Japanese.
  12. Thanks for the information, i never knew this about the NFL. I like the Blue and yellow way more then the Navy and Gold. Still not sold on the shoulder swirl though.
  13. The Rams uniform against Seattle was appalling and the helmet was darker than the rest of the uniform.
  14. If yo have time you can do it manually with dice. If you're interested i'll let you know how. I did it with a Fantasy Aussie Rules league a heap of times.
  15. http://wallpart.com/search?keyword=fumbler I was shocked to see so many pages linked to me.
  16. Foundry Croatia anyone?
  17. I like number 2 and 4. The numbers on 4 stand out a lot better, 2's numbers could get mixed up from a distance.
  18. Looks good so far. Just a few typos, Sydney with a y and Seoul with an o.
  19. So it's like elves, fairies and fair Governments then. If you're going to name a club after something mythical or nearly non existent at least go with Dragons or some type of scary creature.
  20. All good mate, we all have limits. Mine are that i'm pretty bad and only make suggestions. Your latest design i like better that you've made Storm the focal point. The blue is the right shade now and the yellow lightning bolt is my favourite part. I can't think of one club of any code that uses any Melbourne landmarks.
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