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Mets cap w/ "Last Weekend of Shea" Patch

The Fonz

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Does anyone know where I can get the Blue Mets cap that had the "Last Weekend of Shea" patch on the Left side? they wore it for the marlins series that last weekend in 2008.

i scanned MLB Shop's Clearance section for you, but they don't have them there anymore. they did as of sometime during last season, so you might want to just keep an eye on that every once and a while. other than that, your best bet is...gulp....ebay OR you could check out one of the mets clubhouse shops here in NY (there's one in manhattan, one on long island in the roosevelt field mall). sometimes they'll have back stock on older items like this laying around. ask the guys and be persistent. most times you'll get a kid who doesn't know anything, but other times you'll get a manager that does.

i got mine from MLB Shop for christmas in december '08. they sold like crazy at shea that final weekend. by the time i went to the finale, they had sold out of them.


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