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  2. i don't know. did a quick edit from the studio unveiling pics. looks pretty good to me (and the contrast would obviously be even greater in daylight/under stadium lights):
  3. if i was tweaking this set: 1. throw the jet silhouette from the 80s logo on top of the wordmark that is on the helmet. 2. either seriously shrink down the 'NEW YORK,' or go with the 'NY' mark they have (but again, make it smaller). 3. i'd cut the stripes off at the sleeves. feel like the stripes going onto the chest is what will ultimately date this set. 4. pair the BFBS uni with green pants. so i'd go BLACK-GREEN-BLACK (jersey-pants-socks), which i think would make the green elements pop. also, i'd like to see a GREEN-BLACK-GREEN look at some point (i'm sure we will). i know this probably can get filed away to the unpopular opinion thread, but i think this set is a major upgrade from what they had (yes, what they had last year, not what starter produced in 1998, though my personal taste still like this set better than that set, too). i'm usually a traditionalist, but i don't mind black in the color scheme, i love the new shade of green, and think the helmet is the star of the whole set (i have always preferred the jets in green helmets, probably because of when i grew up). with some tweaking, it could have been a modern classic. as-is, i think it's a very solid uniform.
  4. glad you brought this up, because i found something over the weekend that was interesting. on nike's website, here's the listing for the jets jerseys: note what i circled. not stumping for teal for anything, because i don't know the guy from a hole in the wall, but it seems like he was working with, at the very least, some inside information. it also probably shows where he is getting that info (from some link in the retail supply chain).
  5. it showed up well (that was gary vaynerchuk (@garyvee on twitter, for those who don't know him) who was wearing it btw. i would be shocked if they don't eventually go black-green-black. think having green pants would really make the other green elements on the black jersey pop.
  6. welp, this went nutso. and FWIW, i'm a big fan of the new look.
  7. couldn't that go for...::checks notes::...any other uniform that's ever been made?
  8. nah, it's not a shoulder pad bump. it looks like a stray mis-stroke in a photo editor. i don't have any skin in this game other than it's my favorite football team and i want them to look good (and i do like this look, so i wouldn't mind at all if this is it). i'm just saying that the more i'm looking at this, the more skeptical i'm becoming.
  9. also look at darnold's shoulder stripe. see that wonky green part? also, we know they have TV numbers (from the jets hype video). those either aren't here or are barely visible. some warts are starting to show, and it's starting to tilt the scale toward fake for me...
  10. there are basically three scenarios: 100% real. 100% fake. mostly real, with some elements different/missing, etc. maybe it was from a photoshoot or camera test early in the process, who knows. but not one of us know with certainty what the deal is. the people who are keeping their guard up are doing so, in my opinion, rightly so. the ones that are convinced it's real certainly have a point, because it looks convincing. but the reason we KNOW the jets logo is real, is because it's on something in real life. if we see a retail version leak that matches this, then it's fair to say that the skepticism might be unfounded (it doesn't help that lukas goes into fight or flight on twitter, like we're all prone to do, and gets snarky for no good reason). until then, let's proceed with caution.
  11. it doesn't, because being in a group of four is not unique. unique means one of a kind. just like literally doesn't mean figuratively. but i digress. and honestly, chest patches kinda suck, at least IMO.
  12. i went on the same "unique" rant the other day. as president josiah bartlet reminds us, something is either unique or it isn't. also, want to never be able to read something the same? something can't be "centered around" something else. it's centered on.
  13. the only things that bug me about the possibility that these might not be them are: 1. quincy enunwa in under armour cleats/gloves. yes, he's a UA athlete, but it would seem strange that they'd shoot him in that equipment when nike is so heavily involved. 2. the striping on herndon's pants don't match darnold's, and the striping on adam's pants seems to end abruptly. could be that the seams are just running differently? 3. robby anderson's shoulder stripes seem to be running a different direction as adams'. maybe that's a shoulder pad difference? if it's a fake, it's an all-timer.
  14. that's not skepticism that they're real. that's hesitance to give his endorsement (via a RT) to it. he hasn't seen the uniforms, so he doesn't know. for what matter, we don't know. but the members of this forum can suss out a fake fairly quickly (see the january fake based on the lions' template).