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  1. was just at dicks. here's the nets' earned jersey:
  2. as someone that shaves their head bald, yeah...i definitely agree. just think it's odd to see them in this setting. it's gotta be *something* (even if this is, like...this year's version of the "clubhouse cap" that never really catches on).
  3. hahaha yeah, it would definitely be...let's call it regressive. but i find it interesting that they're even in circulation. what other reason could it be than beta testing? it reminds me of when new era switched from wool to the poly blend during the '06 world series. definitely seems like there's a little smoke here. EDIT: also notice the "trucker" version has just the MLB logo and not the ST logo on the back of the cap.
  4. noticed something kind of weird. it seems like, at least in mets camp, there's a second version of the ST cap that is constructed like a traditional trucker hat. look at these pictures of francisco lindor and david peterson, and the presser clip of edwin diaz. seems obvious that the back panel is a more traditional mesh. and you can see in the lindor picture that the front two panels are a more traditional polyester blend (note, too, how the logo is more obviously raised than it is on the diamond era version). anyone else notice this in any other camp?
  5. absolutely, i agree with this. i do think though that....let's say, nike implemented a league-wide template that was exclusively pullover and many teams didn't have neck/sleeve piping. it might look weird initially, but i'd venture to say most of us would get used to it pretty quickly. i'm sure that nike and fanatics would love it for retail purposes, too.
  6. hate to pile on here, but there's really no reason not to go full pullover (or at the very least, two-button). full button-down jerseys are one of those things that i love about a baseball uniform that is also completely unnecessary and probably creates more problems than it's worth.
  7. as i'm sure some of you guys saw, same BP caps this year. fanatics/MLB sent out a mailer saying, "2021 ST caps are here!" it's true, they're here! just like they never left!
  8. thanks for the thoughts/insight, guys! you're both probably right on the mark.
  9. i think because the working assumption (and definitely correct me if i'm wrong) is that usually changes have to be in around the fall to make the style guide, right? so if we assume the return of the black unis weren't planned for 2021 (and cohen crowdsourcing it at least implies it wasn't, although that might not be the case), then MLB would have had to give the mets an exemption to get them ready for this year.
  10. just conjecture. that's why i only said it's possible. but i think it's very plausible.
  11. the movement to bring back the black uniforms really began in earnest during the 2019 season. alonso expressed the desire on social media, then when they acquired marcus stroman, he got in on the action, too. it's worth noting that last season was the 20th anniversary of the 2000 pennant, so it's possible that they could have been in the pipeline for a special event uni last year (one person that would know told me they were going to wear them for a weekend in 2020, but i was never able to confirm that), and now with the ownership change, they're making an exception and letting them bring them back as a regular alt.
  12. i'll just have to live with the consequences of my actions then, even if it means potentially seeing my favorite team play for a championship wearing a jersey that i think, in a vacuum, is basically fine.
  13. interestingly, the first two fridays of the year (one road, one home) are off days. but anyway, the mets have 12 friday home games, leaving 69 (nice!) non-black dates. even if they kept the blue home alt in their look (which isn't necessary when they have a blue road look) and used it 10 times, that'd be an initial 59 pins/12 black/10 blue split. of course, you likely have to deduct for the special uni event days (mother's and father's day, armed forces day, memorial day, fourth of july, players weekend). that probably subtracts 10 pinstripe days and three black days (assuming they wear memorial day and fourth of july unis all weekend). that gets you to 49/9/10. easily kill off some (or all) of those blue dates and you could have something like a 53/9/6 split if i've done my back-of-the-napkin math correctly.
  14. FWIW, they've barely worn their blue alts in the last two years (nine times at home in 2019, three times at home in the shortened 2020), but least you're taking it in stride!
  15. i'm the whole matter. i joined this forum a loooong time ago in large part to rail against the inclusion of black in the mets' overall look. and i still say, it's not so much having *one* black alternate jersey as much as it was letting black take over their whole look, top to bottom. i don't think it's a big deal to wear 'em once a night. everything old is new again. for better or worse, they're a big part of the team's visual history. so i think they're an upgrade from what they have? no. but as we've come to learn long ago, that's far from the only factor teams consider on this stuff.