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  1. haha sorry, man. it hurts me too. my wife (yankees fan) was given a piece of memorabilia from my grandfather: a signed picture of jeter's lead off homer in game 4 with his 2000 series stats and "world series MVP" on it. she asked if we could hang it in my mancave, and i begrudgingly complied. you know i stare at that thing nightly with a scowl on my face!
  2. i cannot confirm this through two independent sources, but i was told by someone who works for the mets that they're wearing the black jersey and all-black hat at least once this year. again, please take this with a huge grain of salt (i wouldn't even post this without having it cold because i don't just randomly throw things against the wall; i like to know for sure). but since they pop up the show, it's at least worth mentioning. that said, it is the 20th anniversary of their pennant and eventual loss to the yankees in the '00 series, and pete alonso and marcus stroman have both said on social media how much they want to wear the black uniforms. would certainly be a logical time for them to sell a boatload of throwback jerseys to the younger demo who absolutely loves this look (i'm young-ish, and love the '99-'00 mets more than any other mets team, but advocated hard for jerseys to ditch the black). FWIW, as a simple throwback or even a one-day-a-week alternate, it's fine. the biggest offense of black in the mets color scheme was that it encroached on everything.
  3. hey, just letting you know that those short sleeve pullovers are up for most teams on mlbshop. the current sale code works on them, too!
  4. i know the yankees had/have a tradition of wearing their pinstripes for their home opener, then going to the navy. maybe other teams have a similar policy?
  5. seems like a decent amount of teams with a solid-colored jersey already in their rotation don't. could that be a nike coming late to the party thing? like, maybe they're going to re-do all the ST/BP jerseys, but didn't have time to do it the way the deal came together late after under armor pulled out?
  6. i know we hadn't seen the mets' dugout jacket yet, so here it is. it's got contrasting sleeves:
  7. the short sleeve ones with the NHL-esque collars? i'm looking for them, too! also, the nats' helmets look effin gorgeous. and those dugout jackets definitely suck, although suck way less with contrasting sleeves.
  8. it's not just nike. majestic did that, too. you can get piazza on a majestic-made '87 road replica on fanatics right now. but if it makes you feel better, you can pretend this is a 2002 throwback. the mets wore the racing stripes that year for two throwback games against the marlins: july 15-16, 2002, though piazza didn't play in either game. he was scratched from the lineup on monday with a sore back (, then sat out the day game on tuesday as well, before returning to the lineup the next day. funny how he *just* missed wearing these at least once in his career. the next time the mets wore the racing stripes was in '06 for the 20th anniversary of the '86 mets. that season was the mets' first without piazza's since acquiring him in may of '98.
  9. I actually wish more sports would incorporate that. I think it's a really cool way to denote a title. Would be fine if the Nats want to trendset in this instance.
  10. Man, those Carpool Karaoke segments are getting worse and worse...
  11. these are all so abysmal, but if you think i'm not going to enjoy watching yankees fans lose their collective minds about their beloved logo being muddied up, you're wrong.
  12. the execution of the mets' one makes me feel like they could have gotten a decent look on these by just doing a straight gradient to fill in the logo. they could do the BS storytelling angle as, "reminiscent of a beautiful florida or arizona sunset."\ but yeah, these suck. the clubhouse caps, which no one will ever wear, are far superior. and the only reason i care about either category is because i always enjoy wearing diamond era/mesh to the poly game hats.
  13. i, too, originally blanched at this idea of an all-black pirates look, but the marte picture swayed me. think you're right. if they wanted to try it out, it could look great. on a related note, who's this 'COLE' guy that was on the pirates? he ever amount to anything?
  14. LOL what is the point of this? But also: Yeah, this is basically what the Mets one is going to look like, so I can't even talk smack.
  15. yup, this is true. if you alter the logo (usually by removing some element. like, let's say, making a shirt with just mr. met's head, the full mr. met logo has to appear on the shirt somewhere), you have to resolve/reconcile it.