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  1. 'CHA'? i'm not going to debate whether CHA is identifiable enough to put on the front of a uniform, or what people from the region call the city or whatever. all i know is that, to me, it looks incredibly dumb.
  2. i gotta say, from day 1 of the re-brand, i think the basketball logo has been stronger. the shield always felt a little forced and clunky to me.
  3. one other tidbit in here (even though we knew already via conrad), but official confirmation that the city jersey is a white version of the coogi design.
  4. nets' new court is official:
  5. i said it when they debuted, and i still think it: the black jerseys and socks need to be paired with the green pants. the look needs some contrast.
  6. you have your five spacebucks! my dad and i got matching horizons ones on my bachelor party weekend (he was my best man). not to be all parks and resorts nerdy, but they could absolutely have kept the original theme fresh had they been diligent about investing in it, but they were all too happy to pocket the money and turn epcot into an overpriced craft beer festival. i think the new plan has major plans. relying too heavily on IP, especially ones that aren't guaranteed to be timeless (i'm looking at your guardians of the galaxy) is opening them up to more outdatedness than keeping it about aspirational future. as you may have guessed, epcot center '82-to-millennium celebration is my jam.
  7. as someone who has one of the original pavilion logos tattooed on me, it's cool that they're going back to something inspired by them. i just wish the plans for the new epcot were as inspired as epcot center.
  8. you, once again, have missed my point. i am not saying my childhood perspective is valid (nothing can be *more* valid; something is either valid or it isn't). the poster i quoted said: "I can't wait for the Titans and Jets to revert to white helmets in 4 years and we can forget this crummy period of misguided rebranding." i am saying that i don't believe that what the jets did with their *re-design* is misguided, but to a portion of their fan base, a change like the green helmets is a welcome one because of their own personal taste/experiences. that's literally it.
  9. think it's pretty much the opposite of narrow minded. i agree that some fans will associate themselves more with the white helmet, and some with the green. i have no problem with that. what i was taking umbrage with is that a green helmet is a huge brand divestiture for the franchise. and i'd also quibble further and say "the best versions of themselves" is also a matter of opinion.
  10. i donated mine to goodwill. still kind of regret that. also, baller steen/KO avi!
  11. i meeeean....this is the 21st season in franchise history the jets will have a green helmet. they've worn white helmets for 36 seasons. that's not exactly a blow out, branding-wise. i think you'd find a very large swath of fans (myself included) who grew up during the first green helmet period that would say the jets finally look like the jets again. if i had my druthers, the jets would never play in a white helmet again (outside of a throwback game in an era where the one-shell rule is abolished).
  12. i agree that they really surprised me with how good they looked on the field. i'm a fan of these anyway, but i was struck by how well they came off on TV. they're a couple of tweaks away from being an amazing set. i agree the 'NEW YORK' wordmark isn't necessary, but i barely noticed it last night. and i would have preferred the '80s logo on the helmet, but the finish on the helmets makes up for it, IMO. i'm a fan. i really hope they consider staying away from mono green and mono black, and break both of those looks up with their white or black pants. i'm sure we'll get at least one all-green game though.
  13. and still, one cannot overstate how this was THE jersey to own if you were in middle school in the mid-to-late-'90s. yes, even in new york with the knicks being halfway decent.
  14. thanks, brother! i'll hold off on those KD and kyrie purchases then!
  15. just want to follow up on this: is that true? specifically, with the nets, is last year's statement (BKLYN) jersey gone? they're selling fanatics fastbreak replicas with kyrie and KD that says 2019/20 statement jersey. i don't trust fanatics to be right about anything, so just want to confirm (i may or may not be in the market for a couple new jerseys)