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  1. this is the ultimate compliment. everyone knows tommy as green ranger > tommy as white ranger.
  2. i think you certainly make a valid criticism and i'm sure at some point a team will eschew their primary look just to wear their city connect more, but it's worth noting here that the white sox's primary identity isn't really being encroached upon. if they wore this 20 more times over the usual primary uniform, then yeah. but it's in place of the alternate, so SHRUG. what do i care if they replace one black alternate with another? if anything, in this situation, that's probably preferable. i don't know, i'm sort of fine with the city connect program as long as the colors stay anchored (or closely tied) to the team's identity. so the white sox one works best for me, with the marlins second (because i'm just not a fan of their current look), and the red sox at the bottom.
  3. training camp hats are out. interesting tidbit here is that a few teams have "historic logo" options. to me, it looks like the bills, browns, broncos, dolphins, patriots, jets, eagles, and bucs. could mean nothing, could mean these are teams fanatics/NFL identified as clubs that sell lots of retro merchandise. but considering a few of these are tried-and-true alternates (pat patriot, elway-era 'D,' standing buffalo, bucco bruce...plus we know the browns have a new throwback this year) makes it noteworthy.
  4. i agree that the timing would seem to be off, but it is worth noting that the league and retailers have sort of gotten away from the traditional timeline, whether that's pandemic-influenced (i assume the case with the NHL's reverse retro) or not (nike seems like it had this timeline for city connect planned, but maybe i'm wrong). if the NFL did waive the one-shell rule, i could see them taking, like...six teams and trotting out throwbacks/existing designs on thanksgiving weekend (maybe like cowboys, bucs, pats, etc.). could goose holiday retail sales and put new merch in the pipeline for after the crucial catch/salute to service stuff wraps up.
  5. i was specifically talking about the green elements on the black alternate, but hey, why have a discussion when you can score some cheap likes with a snarky comment! how edgy!!
  6. here's a weird take (especially as a fan who has been pretty opposed to the various attempts at shoe-horning the color black into his team's -- mets, islanders -- identities): i kind of like black's inclusion in the jets' set. full admission, the jets splashed some black into their set when i was a kid just starting to root for the team, so that undoubtedly colors my view. but i do think the black (in small doses) works for them. i specifically think it's great as a trim element on the road unis. in fact, i'd love to see them mix-and-match a little. maybe try the black pants with the green jersey. my biggest objection to any jets look is when they go monochrome. though mono football uniforms aren't my taste, i can admit that some teams can make it look palatable (for example, the seahawks look isn't my favorite, but for me, it works for them). but for the jets, i think it looks atrocious. even all-white doesn't work well, IMO. that's another big fix that they need: they need to use green pants with the black alt. i think breaking up the mono-black would make all their green elements pop more.
  7. eh i sort of feel the other way. the 'jet' silhouette works as a logo, but not really as a striping element. i think on a jersey or pant, it dates it/makes it gimmicky, but as a logo, it's a good subtle nod. maybe that's just personal taste.
  8. always felt like there was an easy fix for the current jets set: current helmet logo/'jet' wordmark hybrid traditional sleeve striping traditional pant striping remove 'new york' wordmark
  9. i'll chime in and say i love these for the marlins. glad that they're wearing them this weekend against my team, since i'll see a lot of them.
  10. IMO, the biggest misses of the current set are: - not using the sacks exchange-era logo on the helmet (or some modernized variant of it) - the awful shoulder stripes (especially because of how they extend onto the shoulder yoke) - the even worse pant stripes this fixes them all. well done!
  11. this sounds like a reasonable, nuanced opinion that acknowledges your own personal bias, but doesn't lean on it because it's admittedly anecdotal without hard data. for one, i am offended, for an attitude like this has NO PLACE ON THE INTERNET!
  12. this isn't the worst take. i, too, would welcome some non-blue-and-red looks. that said, i think there's probably a way to do it that doesn't completely heave a brand identity that has been cultivated for over a century directly in the path of a bus.
  13. i'm more interested in which NY team is going to fold to nike and put 'GOTHAM' on the front...
  14. i meeeeean...i'm not a fan. not that a "city" program is necessarily a bad thing, but like the NBA, i don't get venturing so far off a team's respective identity package. blue and yellow for the red sox? it's dumb. also, we've had some discussion about this on the MLB 2021 thread, but if we're putting the pieces together here, it feels like it's pretty clear the mets' black jerseys will be their "city" design just moved forward by a year...and i think it'll probably be different than the original.
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