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  1. i think they should have gone in this direction from the start, but they should definitely do something like this for next year's city uniform. well done!
  2. we're not "going off" anything. these nuggets that are relevant to the discussion. no one is taking it as gospel, but it's worth taking note of. unless, i dunno, we want to get into another 12 page debate about the browns in the jets thread?
  3. connor hughes, who was the one who provided the nugget about 'oregon numbers' was asked by a reader for a little more on his uniform report. here's the exchange: --- Bill G., Mar 16, 8:37pm Great stuff as always Hughes, and cheers for the book recommendation, gonna check that out. Meant to ask you yesterday, with respect to the jersey leaks....any insight in to what the logo may look like? If we'll have green helmets? Is there black trim in the main jerseys? When they mentioned the Oregon Numbers, do you think they meant font or specifically that they'll be the oversized numbers of the 18' jerseys? Any other morsel of info about these jerseys/logo/helmet for us? Haha. Connor Hughes, STAFF, Mar 19, 4:35pm @Bill G. Thanks! Everyone Jets showed wasn't allowed to take pictures. So it was relayed information of what they saw. What I wrote was all my guy was willing to part with. ---- this should put to bed the speculation that hughes' report was in any way influenced by the fake leak from back in january. hughes' source saw the uniform. of course, his report is also subject to the source's interpretation from memory of what he saw.
  4. what i'm really curious about is how the skyline fits into all of this. the flight crew's uniforms having the skyline on them, plus the jets using the skyline on these graphics, certainly makes it seem like it will factor in. where though? as a patch? as sleeve striping? part of the logo? or just a red herring/something they'll use elsewhere but not on the uniform?
  5. it's definitely a distinct possibility. i know we've been talking a lot about the jets' use of last year's sideline cap. these graphics that the jets have been posting about their free agent acquisitions, to me, makes the 'NY' seem even more likely:
  6. raul allegre, bud! one of my favorite sports memories as a kid. first time one of my teams made the playoffs while i was cognizant of it. my dad and i celebrated like they won the super bowl.
  7. i agree. i was born in '84, so this is what the jets looked like in my childhood. i'm a huge opponent of BFBS, but for whatever reason, the jets in this look never bothered me. as far as @VC15AP18's mock up, i could definitely get down with something like that. move the stripes to the sleeve and put TV numbers on the shoulders and i'd be good with it.
  8. via connor hughes at the athletic: "I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about the Jets’ new jerseys. I never knew these things mattered that much? Well, I finally have something for you. From talking to a couple of people who have seen them, I can say this is a complete redesign, not a tweak. The colors are new. The logo is new. The design is new. The primary jersey is kelly green, with numbers that 'kinda look like Oregon’s.' There’s also a primarily-black alternate jersey. 'They’re sick,' one person told me" okay, so a lot of what we already knew. the number thing i bolded, since that seems to be a new piece of info. i wouldn't put too much stock into him saying the primary home is kelly green, though. connor admittedly doesn't get the uniform thing, so i doubt he cares about different pantone shades.
  9. on the "iconic logo" debate: it actually reminds me a lot of a debate i have in another corner of the internet: disney world message boards. that's right ladies, one at a time! there's always this debate over if a certain movie would make a good ride. people flipped when they announced avatar-based rides, because they didn't like the movie. others were quick to remind them that no one probably has a great affinity for "song of the south," a rarely-seen movie with less-than-desirable undertones. but everyone loves splash mountain, a ride that uses its IP for its story. it's the same thing here. it's all about context and execution. the jets' 'NY' logo doesn't have the lineage of the yanks', mets', or giants' 'NY', but that doesn't mean it can't be, or it would be the wrong choice if the jets went in that direction. it's going to sink or swim based on the design, how it's executed, and how well it is generally received.
  10. actually, the spots appear to be the same green that was in the jamal adams christmas day video. here's another pic:
  11. jets posted a photo of their 2019 flight crew today. thought the two-tone green with black was interesting...:
  12. were you starting to feel good about the jets unis? okay, well here's something to make you worry. this is from the athletic's connor hughes in a Q&A for the site yesterday: "The couple players I talked to who have seen them described them as "sick" and "awesome" and "dope." It's a complete redesign — colors, logo, etc." soooooo who knows. but it sounds like there's at least something in there for the [FLAME EMOJIS] crowd.