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T-Shirt Questions


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I'm looking to get a t-shirt made up of one of my custom sports designs, I was wondering where does everyone go to print their shirts and do you know anywhere that will just print one shirt?

Also, what are the policies of using a professional teams logo in a shirt design?

You could you cafepress for your design, but know and read the intellectual property guidelines. That logo is their property and legally, you need clearance (aka a license) to use it.

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Working at a t-shirt shop myself I can tell you that getting one shirt depends mostly on the complexity of the design. If there are fades of alot of small parts or tiny letters they'd have to screen print it and it would be like $40 just to set a screen which is kind of pointless for one shirt, so most design shops try to have you avoid that route. The second and most viable option is to do a iron on vinyl design. This is a technique very similar to how they make vinyl cut decals for car windows and signs. They run a sheet of vinyl through a cutter and then weed out the extra then iron that design on the shirt. The problem with this is the design can't have alot of small parts because it all needs to be weeded and it's terribly difficult if it's too small...The last option is an iron-on transfer. Here you print the design on a sheet that you can iron on to the shirt, the main problem with this method is the colors get really dull. You have to go talk to your local t-shirt shop and see what they'd be comfortable doing for you.



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