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  2. Will be interesting to see what happens if the Cubs win. The whole "lovable losers" underdog BS will be done and they could likely become just another big market team that bought a title in the public's eyes. You're not an underdog with a $170 million payroll - you are expected to win.
  3. You'd have to think that considering the teams themselves are only directly getting 25% of the $ for these deals (50% going to players, 25% going to revenue sharing), that they'll be considering more than just who is offering the most $ when picking a jersey sponsor. The Sixers, for example, already do business with StubHub so they could have conceivably said "we'll give you a "discount" on the jersey ad in exchange for some other business you bring us that we'll get to keep more than 25% of..."
  4. When they tweeted that, I thought it was a response to someone asking if an alternate was going to be unveiled at the same time as the home and road unis. They likely didn't want to jeopardize sales of those by confirming the existence of a not-yet-released alternate. They could have worded it better, but I don't remember them ever saying "we're never having an alternate".
  5. New article about the high school that "borrowed" the new logo: "The reason we felt fine with it was because, if you look at 80 percent of the schools in the state or nationally, obviously their logos have been inspired by professional teams."
  6. The promotion for the event clearly stated they were unveiling only the home and away unis today, not any alts, so I wasn't expecting those. No need to overshadow the primaries. Unveil the alt at another event around draft time maybe. Awesome crowd at the event and they seemed to love the new look.
  7. Unveiling will be at halftime of the Bucks game, so around 2 hours from now.
  8. Wow those helmets look brutally bad with the uniform.
  9. http://brewers.mlblo...u-in-youniform/ Design a uni that will be worn during spring training next year.
  10. Do you think they even made any significant quantity of the Yankee version? I'd think they'd wait until a team wins a couple games before starting to print.