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Sizemore's Premier League Concepts...


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Alright, so since I'm finally starting to follow soccer (and play FIFA11), I've decided to take on the task of giving each team in the Premier League (the one I'm familiar with) a new set of kits. Some changes might be drastic (even a new crest every once in awhile), while some might just be minor. Another thing I'm aiming to do is to make each team's clash kit one of their colors, and I'm only gonna have 2 kits per team for now. The concepts will start with Arsenal in the next post! Enjoy!

EPL-Arsenal-Banner.png EPL-AstonVilla-Banner.png

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Concept 1/20

So, for Arsenal, I wanted to maintain the classic red jersey with white sleeves look, but put my own twist on it in the form of the two-toned kit, similar to how it is in the Gunners' crest. On the roads, I used the navy and gold from their logo to try to achieve my goal of only using the colors of each club in their road kits! Enjoy!







C&C Please!

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I like the idea of the two tone. Kind of reminds me of the old nike goalie tops like so:


Maybe the colours you used could be better though, I know you have used the same as on the badge. Maybe have the same hue and saturation for the reds but slightly different brightness levels if you get what I mean.

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Aston Villa

Concept 2/20

Well here we go. They say that it's the hardest to create a concept for your favorite team, but in this case I don't find that to be true. I drew the idea for this one from many different places in Villa history, and I'm personally proud of this concept. The crest (shown above) draws its influence from the last 3 crests the club has used. I wanted to return to the circular form the crest took on during their European Cup Championship in 1982, the crest they used before this one with claret and blue alternating stripes, and the current crest's lion and star, with a similar typeface to the one used in this one in my logo. The home kit now has an inclusion of gold, just to spice things up (I might post a version without the gold later), and Acorns Children's Hospice goes back on the kits (with the "Children's Hospice so it doesn't look like they are the Acorns...). The road kit is all-white with claret pinstripes, just like what they wore when they won the European Cup in 1982. Because of this win, I think the road kits should always be white with claret pinstripes, considering the team's greatest moment was in that. The crest returns to right under the collar like it was in 1982, and that's pretty much all I've got to say. I'll post the "alternate" home kits here soon with maybe a third kit to come. There are also claret shorts that go with the home kits in addition to the white ones.








So, yeah I'm definitely looking for C&C on this one. The other side from Birmingham is next.

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Arsenal: As much as I don't want to, I'm kinda diggin' the two-tone red. I'm not a fan of the navy blue accents in the home kits, though; it takes me back to the late 1990s and early 2000s, when they were sponsored by Sega and I started following the Premiership, and I think their look today is leaps and bounds ahead of that with just the red and white. The clash kit is fine; again harkening back to that same era with the gradient and the gold centenary away kits they wore.

Aston Villa: I'm not really feeling the inclusion of so much yellow on the kits. I think it's always just been an accent colour for Villa and never really found it's way onto the kits much. They're so identified with the claret and blue, and the yellow muddies it up. Away kit is very nice, as is the circular crest.

On a general note, I'm a big fan of the standard number font that the Premier League currently uses, and while I can understand why you might want to use unique fonts for each team, I'm sad to see it cast aside here. Plus, I think the current font is superior to either one you've used so far.

I also wouldn't get too hung up on making the clash kits "one of their [crest] colours." Take Arsenal, for example; there may not be any yellow or redcurrant in their crest, but those colours have been associated with the club for decades.

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