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  1. Actually pretty pleased with the Cavaliers' draft. Took two big upside guys in Garland and Porter Jr., and Windler was my favorite dude in this draft. All three can be pieces for this team, but none of them are probably good enough to make them not bad next year. Awesome!
  2. This is 100% a negotiating tactic, I think, but the idea isn't really that far from workable. If you want an outside park in Montreal and are concerned about early-season weather, just have the team play 3 or 4 home series in wherever their Spring Training park is, then have "home" Opening Day in May or whatever. Home slate of 69ish games, which is fine and balances the need to have a clear home city with scheduling concerns (and also keeping something as egregiously stupid as this from happening).
  3. Bumped the Montreal/Tampa stuff into its own thread, FYI.
  4. MODERATOR COMMENT: We're going to have separate threads for this, so let's keep this discussion to team name/aesthetics only and all discussion about the plan itself over in Sports in General.
  5. Freezing Cold Takes on line 1:
  6. Sam Kerr is fun. Might get me out to Bridgeview next time I'm in Chicago...
  7. No, Thailand is very much a cupcake. They likely only qualified for the 2015 World Cup because North Korea was banned, and likely only qualified for the 2019 World Cup because of the fall-out from North Korea being banned in the previous version. Beating the worst team in the last World Cup 3-2 doesn't keep them from being a cupcake. Beating Chile this World Cup wouldn't keep them from being one, either.
  8. The biggest issue at play here probably isn't the 24-team World Cup; I think there's 24 teams in the world that could play at least somewhat respectably with the US. The issue is a combination of how World Cup slots are allocated and the continued fallout of North Korea's doping suspension from the 2015 World Cup. On the latter, AFC gets five qualification slots, and broadly speaking, there are five good women's soccer countries in Asia — Australia, China PR, Japan, North Korea and South Korea. Normally would be no problem. Key is that the AFC's qualification is routed through the Asian Cup, where the top 3 teams from the previous Asian Cup plus the hosts qualify automatically, and the other 4 spots are determined by a single-group qualifying. Teams are seeded for the qualification based on their results in the previous year's competition. So Australia, China PR and Japan all qualified automatically for the Asian Cup, and South Korea was seeded in Pot 1 as would be normal. But since North Korea was banned from the 2014 version, they were placed in an unseeded pot and, of course, got drawn in the same group as South Korea. Only one could advance, guaranteeing that we would get an over-matched team into the World Cup. -- On the former, though, the Women's World Cup absolutely has the issue where it's not at all possible for the top 24 teams in the world to qualify. Think about it — the way the draw fell out, one of Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden was guaranteed to miss the tournament. That's the two finalists of EURO 2017, plus two long-time powers in the sport. UEFA gets 9 qualifying spots for the tournament, despite having 15 of the 24 highest-ranked teams in the world by the FIFA rankings. Meanwhile, CONMEBOL has 1, but gets 2.5; CAF has 0, but gets 3; OFC has 1 and gets a full slot; CONCACAF has 2, but gets 3.5. None of this is to say that they should change the allocation — like on the men's side, there's a need to balance getting good teams to the finals with growing the game — but I think it goes to show why they needed to go to 24 teams. In the 16-team World Cup, UEFA got 5.5 berths, plus the host's spot. There's a good chance that if the World Cup was still 16 teams, the Netherlands (a team that could genuinely win this thing) would still be sitting at home. That's worse for the game than any blowouts that come from a 24-team tournament.
  9. My biggest issue with most every club having an all-white change kit is that it misses so much of the soccer aesthetic. To me, soccer is turning on three matches in one day and seeing a diverse set of kit matchups, whether the visiting club is in their primary or change kit. Judging by this thread, a majority of MLS matches this season feature an all-white kit. That’s not diversity, it’s an Americanization of the sport’s aesthetic.
  10. I do think it's interesting what would've happened as we moved into the branding era if the Indians never dropped the wishbone C in the 70s. Would the Indians and Reds both have very similar logos? Would the Indians have changed, with the Reds establishing their claim to the design through (a) using it first and (b) not being god-awful for 40 years? This is, of course, the Indians' problem. Their most-used C logo is nearly identical to another club's, and anything that's more rounded would immediately draw Cubs comparisons. You're mostly left with the block they've gone with or something more ornate like they used before the wishbone C Actually, that's probably the right answer, isn't it?
  11. The away alternate jersey bugs the :censored: out of me for the same reason. (It also bugs me because the navy jerseys at home, with red accessories, was the best look they've had in the last several decades). I actually think the block "C" works pretty well with the home jersey — the idea of a block hat with a jersey script isn't novel (see the Dodgers), and the color balance would work really well for me if more players wore high socks. There's no real contrast between the hat and jersey to me, since they're clearly meant to be in different styles, but they share the common element of a red base, outlined in navy (or the lack of outline on the hat). The other three jerseys really do clash, though. The road jersey being navy numbers outlined in red is silly and stupid — not only does it run counter to the jersey it's based on (that 1948 road jersey I posted earlier), but the color application is opposite from the hat. Flipping the red and navy on the away jersey's lettering would help immensely and would actually do a pretty solid job of matching the hat — imagine this July 4th jersey, without garish stars, and the normal hat: Overall, though, the biggest problem they're going to have is that the application that works best with their primary uniforms (no outline) is always going to clash with their alternates, where outlines are required. I don't really know what the best way to handle this is, mind you, but that's what's led to a lot of the issues with the red and particularly the navy jersey.
  12. Still maintain that the awful sleeve patch aside, 1948 is the best the Indians have, and likely ever will, look: To me, it ticks all the boxes: Red bills, home and away, as it should be Consistent color application on the home and road jersey, specifically with red outlined in navy Stirrups and accents that reinforce the Indians' scheme — navy as the primary color, with red as a significantly used secondary No outline on the "C" logo on the cap (IMO, the Indians have always had enough contrast between their red and navy to avoid needing it) Script at home, block on the road — to me, this is the quintessential Indians design Throw in the contrasting piping between the placket and sleeves, which I love, and it's the ideal Indians design to me. A small shout-out to 1945, which was the first year of the red bills, and the last year of the "C" on the chest: With both Chicago and Detroit using monogrammed home jerseys, though, I'm not sure the Indians could get away with a design like this today without it feeling derivative.
  13. I would say the complete opposite, actually. When it first came out, there was a group that really got into it, but the majority of Cleveland fans I run across despise it. The Indians broadly painted themselves into an incredible corner with five decades of uniform mismanagement. They gave up the best cap logo they’ve ever had — the wishbone C — to chase mid-70s trends, which was fine, but when they dropped the red pants and “primitive” design, they went with an awful, bland set instead. Then when they dumped that, they went to Wahoo on the hat, and with the Indians’ actual success in the ’90s, it stuck. They let it get too late on them — the Indians probably could’ve introduced a new respectable, native imagery-based logo set 15ish years ago — that they’ve now put themselves in a spot where they can’t actually use real symbolism.
  14. The women's kit there looks miles better with the sponsor in the proper color for a Barcelona kit.
  15. Since winning the World Series in 1920 and finishing second in the AL in 1921, there's only three Indians teams that have been remotely competitive and haven't worn a script jersey — they finished 3 GB in 1926, 1 GB in 1940, and 5 GB in 1959. Broadly, since 1920, the Indians have been good in three eras — the late '40s-mid '50s when they won 2 pennants and a World Series; the mid '90s-early '00s when they won 2 pennants; and this run now, where they have 1 pennant. There's a common thread about those identites.
  16. Kluber has arguably been the Indians' fifth-best starter this year. Semantics aside, though, the point's absolutely correct — the difference between winning 95 and 70 is 25 games. No pitcher is going to realistically start more than 35 games. You'd have to be talking about the difference between a pitcher whose team would go 30-5 in his starts and replacements that would go 5-30, which are clips (in both directions!) that aren't feasible. The Indians are going to struggle to win 80 games this season for a lot of reasons, none of which are an injury to one arm. Some of those reasons: Their 2018 MVP candidate just recently got over the Mendoza line and is roughly a replacement-level player Their two-time Cy Young Winner and 2018 candidate who they're paying $17 million was playing below replacement level before he got hurt Their other 2018 Cy Young candidate who they're paying $13 million has massively regressed, his FIP going from 2.44 to 4.09 The starting second baseman that makes nearly $15 million has been well below replacement level They traded one of the breakout players in baseball this offseason for a guy who's also well below replacement level They let the guy who's probably been one of the 20 or 25 best position players this season walk and replaced him with scraps There is underperformance from highly paid players going on here at the same time when ownership decided to significantly cut payroll in the middle of a contention window. That's a bad combination.
  17. FWIW, Toronto has home court in this series (this take reads the opposite). If GSW get just one in Toronto, the Raptors only need one at Oracle.
  18. And it's weird, because it's a two-year-old template at that! Southampton getting a UA template a couple of years after it's first rolled out is nothing new, though.
  19. That’s really bad. All of it.
  20. The Warriors freak-out here seems odd. Sure, they're probably going to win it all, but it's far from a foregone conclusion — they'll have to beat two good teams, and they haven't looked that great themselves recently, particularly in these playoffs.
  21. The kerning on the Astros’ home and alt jerseys really big me. I get that it’s tough to truly balance block letters for a short, even-length word, but the home jersey in particular looks really bad and amateur.
  22. It really bugs me that Leicester use athletic gold on their crest and metallic gold on the kits.
  23. Unless City blow it Sunday, the Champions League will either be won by a club that hasn’t been its own league’s champion in 29 years or one that hasn’t done it for 58. That’s wild to think about, really.
  24. The feeling of crippling incompetence, complete irrelevance and a belief that your team will never ever have a chance is a hell of a lot worse than any playoff exit can be, IMO. The last three years have ended in really :censored:ty ways for the Jackets, but I’d gladly take them any day over the first 15 years of this team’s existence. The same is true for the last three Indians teams — blowing a 3-1 lead in the World Series and losing Game 7 in extras in 2016; blowing a 2-0 ALDS lead in 2017; getting embarrassingly swept out in 2018 — and 2012 or 2018 Notre Dame football. All of it, the brutal losses, beat the absolute :censored: out of irrelevant nothingness, which is what the Jackets were for pretty much my entire life.