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Historically Inspired Baseball Jerseys


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Nice job are you going to be adding anymore?

Maybe...I don't think it'll be anytime soon, though, cos I was able to churn these out because I had finals to not study for over the last couple weeks. Hopefully, the inspiration will keep coming and I'll have the time to act on it...

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Oh, since other people have suggested some names let just continue to play with this one...

To get really techinical and long winded we can go with....

Chicago Manhattan Project (where intial stages of Nuclear Research took place)

Chicago Reactor(s) (Home off first nuclear reactor under the stands of a chicago stadium)

New Mexico Manhattan Project (Development, research, buliding and testing stages of Manhattan Project took place)

Manhattan Project of Los Alamos (city/base the testing took place, and really is it that much worse then the Swing of Quad Cities)

Trinity Glass (Trinity was the name of the testing site where the first full scale nuclear weapon was tested, it turned the sand beneath the test site to highly radioactive glass, a portion of which was encased in glass and use as a paper weight by one of the leade researchers)

Hawaii Enola's (Enola Gay was the name of the bomber, named after the pilots mother, which dropped "Little Boy" over Hiroshima on Aug 7 1945)

Hawaii Mother's (see above)

and now for the other side of the coin

Hiroshima 7's of Hiroshima 45's (reference to the date of the bombing)

Hiroshima 200's (reference to the over 200K that have dies to date due to aftermath of the bombing)

Hiroshima Rain (due to massive heat created by explosion led to massive evaporation of water, which then reconsolidated in the skies above and fell to the ground in huge (baseball/softball sized) rain drops)

Hiroshima Domes (the capital dome was one of the few remaing structures after the bombing)

Hiroshima Shadows (the heat cause by the moment of impact emblazed up several places in the sidewalk the shadows of people nearby at the moment of impact)

For the record I am not trying to make light of any part of the bombings of Hiroshima or Nagasaki (Aug 9th, 1945) or to demean the deaths of the almost 400K combined deaths of those. I was going for offensive I could have chosen much worse (i.e. bomb, blast, etc)

I close with a quote from Joseph Stalin

"one death is a tradegy, while a hundred thousand is merely a statistic"


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